Olivia Dunne Reveals Her Halloween Costume, A Very Creepy Joe Biden Costume & A Nashville Halloween Party Brawl

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Happy Halloween!

You might think this would be the easiest day of my year with all the content created by the Instagram models and society where hundreds of thousands of pieces of Halloween content are floating around in the virtual world.


Filtering through the Instagram models isn’t easy, fellas. This post isn’t about just throwing in some random slutty cop. On a day like today, editing is incredibly critical because I know the typical reader will spend approximately five minutes scrolling through Screencaps. I know you want the best of the best. Your time is precious and it’s my job — I still can’t believe I’m paid to do this work — to give you the greatest daily morning column in the United States.

This is like being an NFL offensive coordinator and calling the right play with the game on the line. Do you think Peter King feels like pressure on Halloween? Absolutely not. He writes up some post about how he had a hamburger with Sean McVay and how it had bacon, lettuce, ketchup and mustard.

I have to sit here and weave Olivia Dunne and DJ Nata Lee into a post while figuring out the best Halloween burgers to run in the food section. Trust me, it’s not easy. Like an offensive coordinator who watches his offense get stuffed on 4th and 2 at the opponent’s 37, I have to answer questions via the email inbox.

So let’s get to it this morning, the most stressful and fun day of the year.

Take it easy on my selections. I’m super stressed out over today’s column.

Halloween in Georgia

• Louis in Savannah, GA sent in several emails:

This is my buddy’s yard in Bloomingdale, GA. He turned his whole property into a haunted walking trail and it’s fantastic! The photos don’t do it justice.

Hope you enjoy and have a great Halloween!

At what age is it appropriate for a son to have beers with dad during football games?

• A Screencaps reader writes:

I am sitting here watching the Bears with my 18-year-old son. I am allowing him to drink a few beers while watching the game. I figure if he is old enough to go off to war then he is old enough to have a few beers with his dad. Also when he goes off to college next year hopefully he will know how to drink responsibly. What does the screencaps community think? Am I creating an alcoholic? Am I wrong?

No, you’re not wrong! You’re having a beer or beers with your son in a controlled environment where you get to set the ground rules and the conditions. Let’s face it, if dad is having a couple of beers with his son, there’s probably a good chance the son has already had beers. It’s not Junior’s first rodeo suckin’ down a cold one.

Here’s where I would be concerned: Junior is going to tell his buddies that he’s been suckin’ down cold ones with his pops and that’s going to end up as gossip in the social circles. The high school bros would need to understand that this was strictly a father-son thing and the house isn’t going to be turned into a dive bar.

While I don’t have an 18-year-old son, it’s my belief that teens need to be reminded to not be jerkoffs in general. Act responsibly. Learning how to have a beer with dad is a great place to start.

*This is purely my opinion and is not an official stance of OutKick.

Speaking of alcohol

• The Ts are officially in Spain and they’re drinking wine.

Mike T. says this is the La Rioja red. I have no idea about wine, but I assume it’s a big moment since Mike T. sent it over.

He writes:

FYI, TNML sticker has been in Germany; Switzerland, Italy , France and Spain


And this is the Victor Hugo market in Toulouse, France:

And a French bakery on Mike’s Saturday morning adventures:


• Neil writes:

Long time first…. blah, blah, blah. Life gets in the way and some days I miss Screencaps. Not an online content creator, so I ask as a neophyte, is there any way to put a link to past posts in the current day’s post isn’t too much of an ass ache? When I miss a day or 2 you may reference a  day I missed and I don’t where to search for the reference. 

And if your kids ever play for Perrysburg gold soccer we can’t be friends. It’s a long story.

I hear you, Neil, about keeping up with previous days and understanding what’s going on with the conversation. I recommend bookmarking the Morning Screencaps hashtag. This is where every single edition of Screencaps is archived going back to 2020. The one thing I’d like to change about the archive is that it doesn’t include an exact date on the post.

It’s something I need to bring up with the developers who have a ton on their plates.

Now, there’s been discussion at multiple times this year about why I don’t open a Discord or some sort of message board for Screencaps readers to communicate. It’s simple: Discord doesn’t pay my bills. The action is right here on OutKick. If you need to reach a reader, I’ll forward an email.

Remember, when the Internet zigs, I zag. It’s worked for 15 years and I’m not changing now. The Internet long ago told me that nobody would communicate via email and that you have to do it via DMs or a message board, yet here I am still alive for yet another Halloween.

Yes, there are additional ways Screencaps can be expanded and that will happen right here on OutKick. If the developers figure out a way to create our own in-house Discord, then that’s OK. Until then, this is how we’re going to do this. I’m not sharing this community with some other site. No chance.

Pork badonk

• Jeremy P. in Alpharetta, GA, who recently opened a Twitter account just after Elon made his big purchase, writes:

Hey Joe,

I think this might start the next great debate on Screencaps but I feel like I need to set the record straight. Eddie in Acworth asked if he should cook his pork butt fat side up or down. Mark in Frisco wrote in and said to cook it fat side up. That is incorrect. The fat is not going to render down and keep the meat moist. You’re going to end up scraping that fat off after you butt is cooked and lose all that bark. 

You need to trim the fat cap off of your pork butt and cook it fat side down. Mark may be used to doing beef that way in Texas but in Georgia we do pork and we do it right.  No offense to anyone if they cook their pork a different way but this is the way my dad taught me and he cooked pork butts for our community and church for forty years. If you don’t believe me here is a link to a YouTube video of a professional saying the same thing. I hope all of the meat smokers out there weigh in on this one. I’d love to hear their opinions and I’m always looking to learn more about smoking meat. Here is a pic of a butt I cooked just a few weeks ago. Thanks so much!

NFL in London – permanently

• Wayne W. writes:

Since the Jags are back in London this weekend there is always the inevitable talk of them relocating there permanently.  One question about this that I have not heard discussed is the tax implications of a player on a Europe-based team. 

If you don’t know the USA is one of the few countries that tax its citizens even when they live overseas.  So, if you were to be a player in London I would assume you would have to pay US taxes, and whatever the income tax rate in the UK is. 

I was hoping there was someone in the Screencaps community that might be versed on what the income tax implications would be for a London-based NFL player.  If my suspicions are correct I would assume it would be worse than playing in NY and LA, and make signing free agents all but impossible.

Can anyone help Wayne?

And with that, Halloween Screencaps is in the books. It’s a great post that many of you helped piece together with your emails and DMs. Keep those Instagram messages coming. We’re starting to get an active community over there and we have big Instagram expansion plans I think you’ll like.

Have a great day. Enjoy those Halloween neighborhood drinks.

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