Olivia Culpo Dumps Out McCaffrey Castle Content, Greg The Hammer At AEW & Padres-Dodgers Is Heated

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I guess that’ll be it for Dwayne Haskins in D.C.

It’s unclear what the plan is from the Football Team going forward, but it appears quarterback Dwayne Haskins won’t be included in those plans. Not only was Haskins benched Wednesday, he was moved all the way to inactive for this week’s game. Alex Smith will serve as Kyle Allen’s backup, and Riverboat Ron is either telling Haskins to get it together or he’s pulling the plug on the guy completely.

“He should be disappointed. If he wasn’t disappointed, I’d be concerned,” Rivera said of his new third-string quarterback. “But right now we’re in a situation where, if we’re still trying to teach one guy and the other 52 aren’t given the opportunity to see if we can win these next four games, then that’s not fair.

“We’re trying to develop a young quarterback, but we’ve got one eye on what’s happening in our division. If somebody was 4-0 and somebody else was 3-1, OK. But there’s a chance to win here.”


Let’s lighten up the mood around here. Let’s go to Florida, where the guy who camped out on a Disney island and was charged with trespassing on the former zoological park, which closed in 1999.

The guy has been fined $100 and banned from Disney properties for life.

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