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IG embed workaround solution

Bruce A. just might’ve solved the greatest mystery of the summer that has been soul-crushing for me. There have been numerous readers who’ve said if the IGs won’t load on Safari via their iOS they’re done with Screencaps.

I was desperate for a solution. I asked the readers to help.

Monday, Bruce A. stepped up for the greater good of this community. Here’s the solution that is working for Bruce.

I found a work around for the IG pictures issue when using my iPhone. I go to Instagram, go to your page, hit the link to outkick.com when the web page opens up go to Screencaps open it up and I can view all the pictures.I have using this for over a week and is works every time.

Go to my Instagram page. I have a beautiful link right to Outkick.


Click that Outkick link.

It takes you to the OutKick homepage.

Scroll down until you see Screencaps.


• Andrew F. in Pittsburgh writes:

Hey Joe. I rarely have issues and it’s because I am lazy. I copy all the websites I want to read over to google so the text to talk feature can read the article to me. The only exception in Screencaps because you have to be able to see the picture of the 84 Monte Carlo, not just hear about it. But for the most part, the IG photos load just fine using Google.

The only issue I have is the Continue Reading button. Sometimes I get halfway thru the article before that button shows up and I have to start over. And sometimes the site will crash but restarting the app tends to do the trick. Hope this helps.

• Jess in Alabama writes:

I hope you’re doing well back home after your trip. I thought I emailed this a couple weeks ago, then realized it never went through. But since there’s still the issue with readers’ IG links not working, I figured I’d make sure I actually send it this time. I switched browsers a couple years ago from Chrome to Brave. I never have issues with IG links. Chrome is so convenient, so I understand some people might not want to use another browser, but Brave also doesn’t show pop ups. Hope that helps.

Looking forward to all the summer content! Thanks for all you do!


I wish I could make this run as smooth as possible. Thanks for the suggestions and help. Please remember, I am now just a writer who’s at the mercy of multiple layers of Fox News Corp. employees when it comes to things like “Continue Reading.”

They make those calls.

I wish for nothing more than to never receive another “Instagram Embeds Aren’t Working” email or a “Continue Reading” button email, but I also understand your frustration.

We will survive this period.

NBA Finals

• John from SD writes:

14.3 seconds is the amount of time I watched the NBA Finals. The real star is Jokic’s daughter: stellar performance on stage, a true pro.

Name a moment when you felt old

I’ll go first.

I had one of those moments Saturday while golfing with the boys. A post-college grad beer cart girl pulled up and the conversation turned to John Daly, who is scheduled to be making a northern Michigan appearance in late August.

Canoe Kirk asks the beer cart girl if she knows who John Daly is and she says, “I know the John Daly drink.”

Yep, boys, we’re getting old. It’s like our fathers who were Arnold Palmer fans before he was known as a drink.

Share your, “I feel old” moments: joekinsey@gmail.com

Question about putting greens

• Mike B. writes:

Hope the golf trip to northern Michigan was a success. I have mine coming up in a few weeks…. Can’t wait!

I wanted to see if the Screencaps community could guide me in the right direction with my next home project. I am looking to put in a putting green / chipping and wanted to see if anyone around here has done this! Do I go real turf? Artificial? Any advice, plans, tips, tricks and photos would be greatly appreciated!


Honestly, I think Mike B. has to go this route. Go big. Then have a Screencaps tourney.

Father’s Day? Is it about what you want to do or what your wife wants you to do or is it about doing something with the kids?

How do you guys handle the big day? Do you get a say?

Based on my analysis of social media, it’s starting to feel like guys don’t actually have much say in the day because their suburban elite wives want them to sit around on a patio looking like a Home Depot commercial with the kids in the perfect clothes and dad in perfect attire working his ass off at the smoker and flipping burgers on his side grill.

Dads: Do you feel like Father’s Day is actually about you?

I’ll probably work on a yard project and sit around on the patio like normal. Hey kids, enjoy the pool.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Happy 30th anniversary to the guy who survived this at Pocono

I can’t remember how I came across this story on Monday, but here we are with one of the craziest fans at the track incidents in NASCAR history.

The Allentown Morning Call explained things pretty well in its story from the race: “A Lancaster County man drank beer and popped caffeine pills for 13 hours before darting across the track at the Pocono International Raceway Sunday afternoon midway through the Champion Spark Plug 500.

Bad weather in Dallas

• Jason S. sent this Monday morning:

Just reaching out to the screen caps community. Last night in Dallas we had a huge storm come in and knock electricity in our neighborhood. A few years ago we had snowmageddon come through and I purchased this little purchase at Costco. Out $900 for the generator and $500 for the install. Runs everything in the house besides oven and ac. The best money I’ve ever spent.

Life perspective

• Jim M. in West Lafayette, IN writes:

You closed your Northern Michigan re-cap with this:

“I’ve set the possibility of me returning next year at 60%. The kids are getting to that prime age for sports which is making me think I need to maximize my weekends with them, but then my brain is also telling me there’s something in the healing powers of Up North.”

I think your brain is on to something. Don’t ignore it. I was a sports dad and my kids ended up going pretty far in sports, a few playing on D1 teams in their chosen sport. No stars at that level, but great experiences were had. But in chasing those dreams we were always on the road. Mom in one town, dad in another, and sometimes a family friend with a third.

As parents we rarely spent time away together through those years, let alone with friends on a guys’ weekend. 

I don’t regret the time given to the kids, but I probably could have carved a few things out along the way. This was impressed upon me most recently when son number 2 suggested a guys’ getaway with some guys of the family.

Find a nice weekend spot, planes get us anywhere, and just get together and be guys. Smoke some cigars, drink some nice rum and bourbon and beer, and be guys. Now, a few of the invitees – including son number 1 – have families with young kids – and their schedules are booked, and they don’t know when they could do this, or ever. And I immediately thought of all the times I never tried to do this, and boy I think I should have.

If for no other reason in demonstrating a bit of balance in life. Son number 2 and I aren’t going to let this go, we realize we just need to get it started somehow. And the clock is ticking a bit for this old guy, so somehow needs to come sooner rather than later.

You’ve already got it going. I’d think long and hard before I’d stop.

Thank you to Jim M. for that reality check.

And with that, it’s time to get down to business on this Tuesday. It’s time to see if Bruce A.’s solution works. Let’s do this.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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