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I would like to thank the 10U scheduling gods

What a gift I received this morning from the house ball league leaders who have gifted me with one of the best schedules in youth baseball history. It is with great pleasure that I report my summer coaching schedule consists of two Saturday games — there are actually three, but I’ll be posted up on a beautiful golf course in June on the annual Up North® Michigan guys’ golf trip — all summer.

And there are just TWO Thursday games on the schedule.


  • I can handle my TNML commissioner duties
  • We can schedule weekend trips!
  • We can sit on the patio on beautiful Saturdays soaking in the sunshine and the birds chirping without worrying about frying at the ballpark.
  • I can commit to golf outings.
  • Mrs. Screencaps can relax & garden on her days off in peace and quiet.
  • I can schedule a pallet of stepping stones and hammer out a project that has been on my radar!

Thank you schedule-making gods.

I wish nothing but the best to the travel ball dads, travel ball moms, and all those travel ball kids out there believing they’re one more 300-plus mile tournament & a three-night stay at a Hampton away from turning pro. Go get ’em this summer! I might stop by one of these travel ball tournaments at some point to people-watch after a brutal day of sitting on the patio relaxing.

Now, it’s time to book a trip to that Wiffle ball field in Wisconsin.

Now this is funny SEC content

• Dawgs fan Sam L. is back with a fun report from the Georgia spring game where the “SEC Shorts” crew was in town and did an SEC art exhibit in true SEC fashion.

Sam L. writes:

We head back up the hill to downtown for some more refreshment.  But something was missing…..Or was it?


Absolutely genius idea from the “SEC Shorts” people. Even us northerners have to stop and appreciate the madness of the conference and little moments that turn into a traveling art exhibit. Great stuff.

It is our duty to celebrate Great Americans like Mason Stookey in Oklahoma

• Johnny R. writes:

Hey Joe…I think we all expect that the guys putting down nice lines like these are 50-60 years old and have Grand Torino running on repeat. However, check out the lines this millennial baseball coach is putting down! Our future is bright! This guy needs a TNML sticker.


‘Do Hard Things’ T-style!

• Mike T. goes from living a life of luxury in Europe for the last SIX MONTHS and goes straight into a ‘Do Hard Things’ weekend. Thank god Cindy T. had him on that 15,000-step regimen in Europe:

One of our kids lives in western Washington, they did a home expansion this last year. We volunteered to help with a backyard remodel and new patio.

Rented a Dingo, moved 14 yards of soil and put down 8 yards of gravel for the patio base.

Next up retaining walls and then sand and pavers! We’ll also level the yard and plant seed!

Do hard things! It’s fun!


All someone has to say is “rented a Ding” and I’m IN. A few years ago, I put on a show for this suburban neighborhood when I rented a Dingo to rip out this railroad tie area that a previous owner had put in for his boat. I had neighbors who couldn’t believe their eyes as I was able to balance those ties on the front loader and then dump them into a dumpster.

Great work Mike T.

And all of you renting a Dingo this spring/summer, keep the content coming. Dingo content is just guys being guys. Love everything about it.

I have no idea who these people are and this is #NotSponsored

• Scott H. writes:

Respect from the Barstool readers here. Thought you’d enjoy. 


Head down. Do what you do. Keep hammering away. One new reader at a time. One edition of Screencaps at a time.

I’m just going to stay in my lane. Stay focused on the prize. Try to dominate the content game at 9 a.m. EST six-days-a-week. That’s the goal.

White Zombie at Hara Arena

• Joe H. in Westerville, OH writes:

Your riff on seeing White Zombie at Hara brought back memories. I think I was at the same concert with my two teenage sons. It might have been 1995 as Astro-Creep:2000 had just been released and WZ opened with “Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony), “Super-Charger Heaven,” and “Real Solution #9.” We had seen them five or six times in the two years before then when they touring in support of 

La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1 and it was great to hear new material. Rob had broken his leg or something and had to use a cane and sit through most of it but he was still great. The Reverend Horton Heat (and maybe one other band) opened for them. The floor scene was nuts, as you indicated. The security crew was a bunch of younger guys who looked like they were just itching for someone to start something. Nobody did. Crazy times. I was 43 and by far the oldest person in the audience and probably the building. Thanks for the memories and for all that you do. 


This is why I DO NOT take my retirees for granted for one second. Read that line one more time: “I was 43,” Joe H. writes about his time at the Hara show.

I did some quick math and Joe H. is now in his early 70s.

Websites are out of their damn minds if they’re not engaging the retirees and people like Joe H. who lived right through some of these incredible moments in rock history.

This guy is in his early 70s rattling off a show that took place 28 years ago. You are DAMN RIGHT I want these people in my content corner.

Speaking of music

• Millennial Mike writes:

I am surprising my wife with a kick ass NYC trip for her bday, capped off by KISS’s last ever concert! I have two extra tickets (right next to my/wife’s seat) if anybody in the Screencaps community is interested, put them in contact with me so we can go direct without forking over $15% to Ticketmaster in ridiculous fee charges! Willing to negotiate, and the first round of b̶u̶d̶ ̶l̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ COORS is on me!


Who wants to party with Millennial Mike in NYC at KISS?

• Gerard W. writes:

Loved the Blink video this morning!  It got me thinking, do you or this audience listen to modern Hard Rock?  If you loved heavier music in the 80’s, 90’s or 2000’s did you jut quit listening to it?   I’ve loved it all through the years and continue to listen to Modern Hard Rock and all the “oldies”. 

Best concert I went to was Metallica, Days of the New (the year before Nicole Scherzinger sang back up for them…)  and Jerry Cantrell in 1998.  The concert was at the Winnebego County Fairgrounds in Pecatonica il Population 2,000.  Yes, 50,000 people saw Metallica in this small town.  They never had a concert their again.  It was an awesome trainwreck.   We paid 10 bucks to park in a farmer’s hay field on the edge of town.  I guarantee he made 100X more on parking that one day than on his hay crop for the year.  I heard later that traffic was so bad coming out of Rockford that some people never made it to the show. 


This audience has proven it’ll listen to pretty much anything. Yesterday morning, I was out golfing with Canoe Kirk and Diesel and Big D threw on the new Metallica on a Par 3 tee box at like 9 a.m. I proceeded to dump one in the water and made double.

Diesel claims this album will rejuvenate the rock genre. I have my doubts based on what the music industry will allow to get hot.

Low-tech cars

• Michael F. writes:

First time emailing, I am not a Twitter/Social Media guy. I am a 1987 graduate of the great University of Toledo currently retired in northeast Florida after providing for my family for many decades in the automotive industry (the last 20 with the a long-established and revered luxury manufacturer/brand). I am looking to purchase 25+ year old diesel Toyota Hilux pickups as they are indestructible and so low-tech that nearly anyone with a modicum of adventure and internet access could work on most of the mechanical stuff.

On another note, an observation I have made since the Plandemic was forced upon us: the quality of EVERYTHING has gone to shit. I don’t care if it’s an appliance, a dinner out, a Hollywood rehash/sequel/reboot, your doctors office, the emergency room, or a luxury car. It’s all declined rapidly. I think I have found my retirement hobby, Fixing broken businesses.


I have noticed that you can’t kill a TV. I’m not sure who is responsible for the advancement to the point where TVs refuse to die, but that is one thing I’ve noticed that hasn’t slipped.

BTW, great to have another University of Toledo guy along for the ride. Go Rockets.

Taking care of life

• Indy Daryl is back:

Is there anything better than spending almost an entire day working on and in some manner beautifying your “kingdom?” Whether an apartment in the city or numerous acres out in the country, taking time to clean, mow, organize, and be intentional about our space is wonderful.

Yesterday was a confluence of events that led to being outside nearly all day: soccer match, mowing (Thursday track meet forced a Saturday preseason mow!), aerating both front and back, over seeding, and to top it all off cleaning out the garage. It was a lot. But man does it feel good to look out at the lawn and walk into the garage knowing how hard I worked and how good it looks. The evening grill was icing on the cake!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I look forward to what SC has in store this week. Have thoroughly enjoyed all topics, especially the Masters reports. Incredibly jealous!

Buckle up. It’s going to be a huge week around here with the start of the TNML season — it’s supposed to be back up to 80 and sunny here. This morning there are snow flurries.

Let’s have a great week across the United States and now around the world since Screencaps keeps expanding its reach.

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