Oliver Darcy Steps at Bret Baier, Gets Demolished

CNN’s Oliver Darcy took aim at Fox News’ Bret Baier in hope of getting a few thumbs up from the Left online. If he got any, they were brief. Seconds later, Baier crushed him during a commercial break.

Bored online while watching Fox News, Darcy handed Baier a “dereliction of duty” card, for not covering President Donald Trump to his liking. What exactly was Darcy hoping for? Not sure. Apparently, he doesn’t either.

Check out this swing and miss:

Darcy then pulled a Don Lemon and doubled-down, only to get annihilated once again:

You have to appreciate the timing of Darcy’s attempt. His Twitter rant came hours after Project Veritas leaked more audio of CNN President Jeff Zucker issuing commands, which include avoiding the Hunter Biden story and “not normalizing” Trump’s behavior. CNN’s David Vigilante also called Tucker Carlson a racist without evidence, we learned. Shocker.

The leaks from Veritas probably didn’t sting as much as this right hook, though:

It’s always good to see a newsman like Baier Twitter KO a man like Darcy, who is paid to send angry tweets.

(By the way, my thoughts and prayers go out to Bret Baier and his family as his son, 13, heads for his fourth open-heart surgery today.)

Now, on to CNN’s Christmas coverage:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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