Olive Garden Manager Unloads Over Call-Offs: ‘If Your Dog Died…Bring Him In & Prove It’

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A fed-up Olive Garden manager boiled over and ended up fired for an all-time rant over workers calling off, including one employee who was told to produce a dead dog if they were using that as an excuse to miss a shift.

The full message, obtained by KCTV in Kansas City doesn’t stop with the dead dog rant. This manager decided it was time to let the breadsticks fly. It was time to dump out all the spaghetti noodles on the table. You want another iceberg lettuce salad with Italian dressing? You got it.

Let’s do a Tour of Italy while we’re at it.

Take it away, disgruntled manager:

“Our call offs are occurring at a staggering rate. From now on, if you call off, you might as well go out and look for another job. We are no longer tolerating ANY excuse for calling off. If you’re sick, you need to come prove it to us. If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us,” the manager started.

You’re damn right this is an all-time classic meltdown. The manager got his/her money’s worth. Let’s continue.

“If its a ‘family emergency’ and you can’t say, too bad. Go work somewhere else. If you only want morning shifts, too bad go work at a bank. If anyone from here on out calls out more than ONCE in the next 30 days you will not have a job,” he/she continued.

A Kansas City Olive Garden manager flat out challenged his/her workers to decide whether they want to serve up Tour of Italy feasts or go find another job. / Olive Garden

It is the holiday season. He/she does have a point about being available during the high season when everyone has to remember there’s no ‘I’ in TEAM.

Oh, but there’s more. Now we find out why this manager is so pissed off. He/she needs workers to understand how committed the manager is to Olive Garden’s bottom line.

“Do you know in my 11.5 years at Darden how many days I called off? Zero. I came in sick. I got in a wreck literally on my to work one time, airbags went off and my car was totaled, but you know what, I made it to work, ON TIME! There are no more excuses.

“Us, collectively as a management team have had enough. If you don’t want to work here, don’t. It’s as simple as that. If you’re here and want to work, then work. No more complaining about not being cut or not being able to leave early. You’re in the restaurant business. Do you think I want to be here until midnight on Friday and Saturday? No. I’d much rather be at home with my husband and dog, going to the movies or seeing family. But I don’t, I’m dedicated to being here. As should you. No more excuses or complaints.

“I hope you choose to continue to work here and I think we (management) make it as easy as we can on ya’ll. Thank you for your time and thank you to those who come in every day on time and work hard. I wish there were more like you.”

Yes, the manager was fired, but that was clearly just a PR move because let’s be honest here, Darden Restaurants has to love the fact that a manager was missing family emergencies for the breadstick industry.

Just imagine this fired manager going to get another job at some other watered-down chain restaurant desperate for managers.

Olive Garden manager dog died prove it rant

Chili’s GM: It says here you used to be a manager at Olive Garden for over 11 years. Why did you leave?

Former OG manager: I was fired.

Chili’s GM: Why?

Former OG manager: Because I wrote a letter to my workers telling them to bring in their dead dogs if they use that as an excuse for a day off work.

Chili’s GM: You’ll fit right in here. When can you start?

Former OG manager: Now.

Chili’s GM: Perfect, I’ll get you on the schedule for next week.


Chili’s GM: I like your passion. You got it! Can you work all weekend? We’re shorthanded.

Former OG manager: YEESSSSSSSSS…GTFO my way Chip.

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