Oklahoma State Drops Incredible Drone Footage From The Texas Game

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Boone Pickens Stadium was on fire Saturday when Oklahoma State upset the Texas Longhorns.

Mike Gundy and the Cowboys pulled off an awesome 41-34 win over Steve Sarkisian’s squad to get back on track after losing to TCU, and fans now have a unique look at how the stadium felt.

The team released drone footage of Boone Pickens Stadium packed to the brim as the Cowboys took the field, and there’s no doubt it will be one of the coolest things you see all day. Give it a watch below. It’s absolutely awesome.

Stuff like this is a great reminder of why college football is such an incredible sport and why the fans matter so much.

You simply can’t fake this kind of energy for a big game. A program either has it or doesn’t. Clearly, Oklahoma State has plenty of fired up fans when it comes time to take the field.

Oklahoma State releases epic drone video from the Texas game. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video/https://twitter.com/cowboyfb/status/1583943952016687104)

Boone Pickens Stadium has a capacity of 60,000. It’s certainly not even close to being the biggest stadium in major college football. However, it can still fit a very sizable crowd.

As you can see from the footage, people were packed in there for the Texas games like sardines in a can. Hearing the roar of the crowd as the team took the field should send a chill down the spine of any real college football fan.

OSU releases outstanding drone footage from the game against Texas. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video/https://twitter.com/cowboyfb/status/1583943952016687104)

Props to OSU for giving fans a great game Saturday and some great drone footage to follow it up. This is exactly what fans want to see.

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