Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Joins Clay Travis to Discuss Jazz-Thunder Game and OU-OSU Return

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt was in attendance at the Jazz-Thunder game when Rudy Gobert’s positive COVID-19 test results came in. Governor Stitt joined Clay to discuss how he was one of the first to find out and what his reactions were with the Thunder organization.

“I got a call from my department of health. This was early on March 11, and they just told me, they said, ‘Hey, Governor, we just found out, we tested one of the Jazz players. They were positive.’ I said, ‘Who knows?’ And they said, ‘You’re the first one, nobody knows.’ So that’s when I went in. I wouldn’t got Clay Bennett, we went to a conference room. I told him the news. We got the commissioner, the NBA Commissioner on the phone, and we sent the players back to the locker room. And I mean, it was literally I think they’d sang the national anthem and warm ups were done, everything was ready to go. And we kind of caucused there with the NBA and, and we knew at that point that the players had been around each other. And so just out of an abundance of caution, we went ahead and postponed that game and call that game. So, that’s kind of that’s kind of how it went down. It was it was a crazy, crazy day.”

Stitt also discussed the return to normalcy for the state of Oklahoma as well as Oklahoma and Oklahoma State students returning in the fall of 2020. The state of Oklahoma began to open back up on May 1st.

“Now it’s time for a measured reopening, and we think that the college experience is so important for young people. We think the education experience, the online is has been has been good, but we do think that there is some interaction and some things that are missed by not being there on college campuses. So, we’re excited to get our young people back into school, not only in higher ed, but I’ve also been meeting with the superintendent of our common education system, and we’re wanting to get them back going in the fall as well.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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