Oklahoma Gives Dorial Green-Beckham the Second Chance He Deserves

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Dorial Green-Beckham made a colossal mistake.


The former No. 1 recruit was dismissed from Missouri’s football program in April following an incident where he allegedly forced his way into an apartment and pushed a girl down “at least four stairs.” It was a horrific accusation.

He was not arrested or charged with a crime, but it was still enough to prompt Tigers’ coach Gary Pinkel to say enough’s enough and cut the superstar receiver loose.

By allowing Green-Beckham the chance to join the Oklahoma Sooners, Bob Stoops is giving him a second chance.

It’s one that he deserves.

Missouri had a right to kick DGB off the team, and ultimately it was the right call. He had a history of drug-related run-ins with the law during his time at the school, and kudos to Pinkel for protecting the integrity of his program by no longer associating it with the troubled star.

We have all made mistakes in our lives, every single one of us. The severity of those mistakes can wildly vary. It could be speeding in a school zone, or hiring your mistress, or crashing a motorcycle with your mistress, or stealing a laptop. All of which deserve a swift and just punishment.

At some point, we should all be held accountable for our actions, whether it’s by the law, by our family, our employer, or whatever institution we’re a part of. In a court of law, Green-Beckham paid no penalty for the despicable allegations against him.  As a member of the Missouri football program, he lost his scholarship. That is a huge deal.

Luckily for DGB, he is blessed with the ability to play football at a world-class level. Thank God for that.

If he was not an All-SEC caliber receiver, he would not be on Oklahoma’s football team today. Because he is, though, he now has a chance to turn around his life in a new environment, with a new team, and with the burden of his public humiliation weighing heavily on his shoulders.

Imagine what could become of Green-Beckham’s life if he didn’t have someone to catch him when he falls? There are many, many more people in this country who don’t have the necessary skills to help save their life from a downward spiral that can ensue once they find their way into trouble.

As he should, Stoops has already stated that DGB is on a zero-tolerance policy at Oklahoma. He has one shot at this.

If he screws up in two months, or two weeks, or any time while he’s in Norman, it should be the end of his collegiate career. If at that point he’s lucky enough to overcome his mistakes and succeed in the NFL, that’s entirely on him. He no longer deserves the support of a Division I football scholarship. But for now, he’s still a kid who made a major mistake and paid a major price. Now, he’s capitalizing on the best skill he has in his life to help him save it. Why should we hold that against him?

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.