Oklahoma Falls at Iowa State, Might Be Fraudulent

Oklahoma lost their second straight game, this time at Iowa State. While losing outright in this game as touchdown favorites wasn’t as bad as losing last week to Kansas State when they were favored by about four touchdowns, there’s a good chance it could push the Sooners out of the top 25.

Until an interception with about a minute remaining, albeit where the receiver might have been interfered with, Spencer Rattler played pretty well at quarterback for Oklahoma. He finished 25-36 for 300 yards with two touchdown passes.

But he needed to be better to overcome what was a porous Oklahoma defense. Iowa State had over 400 yards of total offense; Brock Purdy, who gets overshadowed by Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields but may well be a first round pick in his own right, averaged 10.6 yards per attempt.

The question of who wins the Big 12 has gotten very interesting with this Oklahoma loss, and Texas’s earlier.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. If they stay in the top 25, it’s off of legacy name only. OU got serious problems. Their defense *Bart Scott* can’t stop a nosebleed against perceived mediocre Big XII opponents and Spencer is definitely getting some humble this season. Another loss ended by an INT he threw, and say what you want about that tug by the Iowa St. defender, but Rattler arm punted that ball so the WR wouldn’t have even had a chance (not to mention the safety read it the whole way). And what’s the deal with their run game!?

    They better NOT be ranked after back-to-back Ls as favorites.

  2. Brock Purdy is a 1st round pick on in Purdy’s personal dream diary and those who also probably LOVED prospects such as Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden and Christian Hackenberg…
    I just don’t see much of anything at NFL for Purdy or Jamie Newman (especially w/1st round investment)

    For the record. I hate OU and believe every OU fan is inherently a bad person lol

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