‘OK, It Is What It Is,’ Wife of Long Island Killer Suspect Says

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“OK, it is what it is.”

Those were the words of Asa Ellerup when police informed her that her husband, Rex Heuermann, was arrested as the suspected Long Island Serial Killer.

“When we told the wife, she was shocked, she was embarrassed,” Harrison said. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison told Fox 5 on Wednesday.

“But there was a point where we showed her certain pictures and she said, ‘OK, it is what it is.’”

Though a bizarre response, hence its virality, there aren’t many words that could come to mind upon learning your spouse is one of the most notorious serial killers of the past two decades.

Kerri Rawson provided insight into such an experience in her book, A Serial Killer’s Daughter, detailing the moments after her family learned her father is the BTK Killer.

Rawson explains how the news sparked an unfamiliar degree of shock, denial, grief, and doubt. That said, it seems Ellerup is already past the denial and doubt parts of the equation.

On Wednesday, she filed for divorce just six days after her husband’s arrest.

In addition to learning her husband lived a double life, the news revealed to Ellerup that her own DNA was key to his arrest.

Forensic testing found a hair that belonged to Ellerup at one of the crime scenes, which ultimately led to the identification of her husband.

That and a pizza crust. Yes, a pizza crust.

Further, Ellerup’s travel schedule played a role in the timing of the murders. Police learned through phone and travel records she was out of town — it’s unclear for a job or leisure — each time one of the Gilgo Four women disappeared.

Police have charged Heuermann for three of the Gilgo Four murders, and continue to build a case for the fourth victim.

Neither Ellerup nor Rex Heuermann’s two children have visited him at the Suffolk County correctional facility since the arrest.

In fact, no one has.

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