Four-Star Ohio State Commit Starts Beef With Michigan Before Tucking Tail And Deleting Tweets

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The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is not only one of the greatest in college sports, but one of the best rivalries in sports, period. Both sides have a deep-rooted hatred toward the other and it always leads to fireworks.

No matter the sport, or time of year, the Wolverines and Buckeyes are always at odds.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba #11 of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Rod Moore #19 of the Michigan Wolverines talk during the first quarter at Michigan Stadium on November 27, 2021 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

Although the 125-year-old rivalry reaches beyond the gridiron, it most frequently boils over on the football field. Urban Meyer recently revealed the obsessive nature of ‘The Game.’

It runs deep, year-round.

To say that the dislike between Ohio State and Michigan is real would be an understatement, and it often starts before prospective athletes even get to campus, like it did earlier this week. A bunch of recruits on both sides of the rivalry got into it on Twitter.

Ian Moore, a four-star offensive lineman committed to play for the Buckeyes, started it off by responding to a tweet that compared his 2024 class with that of the Wolverines.

Moore’s response has since been deleted, but the internet lives for ever.

Cmon now. Hate to start beef but two of those dudes are salty that they didn’t get OSU offers and the other two just didn’t get them. I’ve been to camps with everybody on that list except Marc (Nave) (Marc’s a dog though) and the Blake kid and I can tell you the Bucks are on top.

— Ian Moore on Twitter

The Indiana-native later clarified that he never even received an offer from Michigan. That set off a chain reaction.

Ben Roebuck, a three-star Wolverines commit, was the first to chime in.

Moore then responded with an article from in which Roebuck said that an offer from Ohio State would be a “life highlight.” But Roebuck was ready.

He then clapped back at Moore by referencing the Ohio State commit’s prior praise for Michigan.

Fellow Buckeye State-native Luke Hamilton — a four-star prospect also committed to Michigan — joined in on the conversation as well.

Moore has since pulled his tweets from the internet. Hamilton and Roebuck’s tweets are still up.


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