Ohio State Fans Are Fired Up After Jim Harbaugh’s Latest Press Conference

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Jim Harbaugh announced during his Monday Zoom meeting with the media that his team had a “spirited” practice Sunday, and he claimed that he’s very happy with the players’ “energy and enthusiasm” a day after what would have been a trip to Columbus to play Ohio State.

Michigan, who cancelled the Ohio State game on Tuesday, announced Friday that it had nine athletes and four staff members test positive last week across its entire athletic department. The school also adds a disclaimer at the bottom of the updates saying that these numbers don’t reflect previous positives they could still be dealing with.

“Please note that the overall number of tests and positive results will not necessarily equal the sum of this week’s update plus the figures given in prior weeks’ updates,” Michigan’s athletic department said in its release. “This is due to the number and timing of surveillance tests being conducted, and reflective of the fact that some test results lag behind others.” 

Harbaugh also announced today that the Michigan weight room was open Thursday and Friday. It’s all enough to send Ohio State fans into a frenzy as they piece together why Michigan may have called off Saturday’s game.

As for an update on what the future might hold for Harbaugh after a disastrous 2020, he remains defiant. He’s staying.

The Wolverines, 1-5 against the spread this year, finish their COVID season with a trip to Iowa as a 13 1/2 point underdog.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It’s more than obvious Harbaugh and the University just wanted to safe face because they knew they weren’t going to be within 4 TD’s of Ohio State. This move probably bought Harbaugh another contract extension

  2. Ohio State fans have no real jobs to get to so of course they are all over anything U of M does. You know for a team that dominates the team up north you all sure pay a lot of attention to them. Not a Michigan fan so don’t accuse me of that. Just commenting on the overall IQ and degeneration of OSU fans.

    • Honestly, cocktail parties aside, I believe he did embarrass UM football program as a whole. He ducked OSU pure and simple — there is no other explanation. He was afraid of the bitchslap he would have received and used the BS Covid excuse as his cover. Bo is spinning in his grave right now. Can you imagine Schembechler or Woody doing something like this?? Clay is right Herbie should walk back his apology and needs to call out Harbaugh’s cowardice.

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