Ohio State Fan Continues His Michigan Christmas Light Tradition Even After Cancellation

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Ohio State fan Mark Miller first appeared on my radar back in 2018 when I learned that the score of the OSU-Michigan game was proudly displayed as part of his Christmas light display. 62-39 shined bright in the Tiffin, Ohio night to reflect the pounding Jim Harbaugh and Michigan took at the hands of Miller’s beloved Buckeyes.

Then, in 2019, Miller kept going with the Christmas light idea. This time a 56-27 pounding was proudly displayed for all his Michigan friends to see as they stopped over to celebrate the holidays.

Now here we are in COVID 2020 and Miller didn’t have a score to post after the cancellation of Saturday’s game so he went with a simple replacement: “M Sux.”

“I was really looking forward to putting up this year’s score, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for this!” Miller wrote on Facebook. Tradition is a tradition at the Miller house and there are no days off when you have an enemy looking for you to slip up.

Ohio State Christmas light house Ohio State-Michigan Christmas light house

Here’s something fun to take a look at if you’re into the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. This was posted two years ago, so add a victory to each year to reflect the 2019 Ohio State victory.

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Posted by Greg Gibbs on Monday, November 26, 2018

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Jim Harbaugh has never evolved his offensive game plan. Nick Saban, let me repeat, Nick Saban, saw the writing on the wall and evolved Alabama into a pass first, recruit elite wide receivers and a mobile throwing QB into continued dominance.

    OSU has simply followed that same evolution, while Michigan is stuck in the 90’s. Remember when the Buckeyes couldn’t compete with the Wolverines 20 years ago? They were stuck in their ways. Now their not, and they own the Big 10.

    UM just needs to change their offensive philosophy, and sculpt their recruiting around it. Until that happens, Ohio State all day everyday.

    My prediction for 2020 score if played:
    OSU 63
    UM 3

    See you in the playoffs Ohio State, where you’ll be lambasted, mostly because of lack of reps against real competition. You’ll feel real competition in a few weeks. Really FEEL it.

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