Ohio Pizza Shop Posts Banner To Hire ‘Non-Stupid People,’ Idiots Offended

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A pizza joint in Columbus, Ohio is getting some buzz for a banner saying that they’re looking to hire, but they’ll only bring on “non-stupid people.”

If true, they’ve just diluted their potential hiring pool in a big way.

According to CBS News Santino’s Pizzeria is the family-owned pie-making operation that is sick and tired of having to sift through dummies to staff their restaurant.

At least, that’s according to their banner selection.

They could’ve saved a little money on printing costs by using the word “smart” instead of “non-stupid.”

I guess “smart” doesn’t have the same bite. It also would’ve left a lot of negative space from a design standpoint.

The restaurant had the banner up for quite some time, but it didn’t get widespread attention until someone snapped a photo of it and posted it on Facebook.

As you might expect, that social cesspool opened the door for some lively debate among people who were upset at the idea that a restaurant wouldn’t want to hire dopes. The common argument was that the restaurant must have had trouble with employees because they didn’t treat employees well.

There’s certainly a case to be made there, but in this instance, it seems like the folks at Santino’s have had some real winners on their books over the years.

“It was all supposed to be a joke,” said manager Heather Stockton told. WBNS-TV. “Nothing serious, it was just more of the fact, we kept having an applicant, we’d train them and they’d just walk out.”

In this stock photo, a young man makes a dopey face while dropping pizza boxes. (Getty Images)

Sounds Like This Pizza Place Has Had Its Share Of Dummies

Stupidity is a spectrum. Stephen Hawking would’ve been at the non-stupid end. Meanwhile people who think driving 40 minutes to save 2¢ per gallon on gas is a good idea, are at the other end.

Some of the folks on the Santino’s payroll over the years sound to have been closer to the latter end of the spectrum.

“I had a high school student who thought it was okay to bring a nerf gun in with another employee here,” she said.

I don’t mean to throw “shade,” as the kids say. at that NERF gun-wielding youngster, but something tells me he (and I’m confident in saying it was a he) didn’t grow up to be an engineer.

It’s weird the idea of not wanting to hire dumb people upset bothered people. I think it’d be safe to say that most restaurants would want to steer clear of hiring stupid people. The folks at Santino’s just had the cajones to get it printed on a banner.

Whether or not the sign is a joke, it affected Santino’s Pizzeria’s business. People voiced their support and one guy WBNS-TV drove there just to see the banner and try some pizza.

Of course, they got trolled a bit too but managed to turn that into good publicity. When someone placed a fake order, the restaurant donated the food to a homeless shelter.

Sidenote, someone let me know if Columbus is a good town for pizza. Do they have their one regional style? I feel like with Ohio State in town it could be some fertile pizza ground, but I have no clue.

Please, enlighten me.

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