Ohio Cops Called On Kids Playing In The Street, Here’s What Happened Next

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Shaker Heights, Ohio cops were dispatched Saturday on a call of kids playing in the middle of the street. The cops showed up to the scene in the Cleveland suburb and found an old fashioned street football game featuring kids who probably dream of one day starring for the Browns, maybe winning a playoff game for the city. It’s Ohio, pigskin is in their blood. Shaker Heights is 50 miles from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

So the Shaker Heights cops did what any cop should do in this situation: they laced ’em up and decided to run some routes for the kids whose mother, Wendy Brown, told a local TV station that the boys are encouraged to get outside and “just be kids.”

That’s exactly what happened after this call came in. Take a listen:

More from the boys’ mother: “I don’t know the cop’s name, but he came to me and said ‘I don’t know who would do it, but someone called police on the kids, they said they were playing in the street so we came by.’ And he said ‘we used to play in the street as kids.’”

Earlier this week it was Officer Wheels putting on a wide receiver spin move clinic. This time it’s the defensive back winning a jump ball battle. More street football, please. Keep things like this coming. There’s more good than bad in this world and we can’t let the bad overshadow people just trying to get through life and make it as enjoyable as possible.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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