Oh, So Now We Shouldn’t Call It A Surge

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In the event you didn’t think the news about COVID-19 was at least a little political … well, along comes some news about President Joe Biden and how his team is cautiously pushing the narrative.

According to Politico, the Biden administration is trying to figure out how to best portray a supposed burst of new coronavirus cases. Instead of telling it like it is, the Biden administration is hoping to avoid using the word “surge,” or report news that may make his early presidency look anything less than a smashing success.

“President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 team is torn over how to convey two seemingly conflicting ideas: That the nation is closer than ever to ending the health crisis, and yet remains in imminent danger from the virus,” Politico wrote, citing three senior administration officials as sources.

All of this an about-face from Biden’s approach when Donald Trump was president. Then, Biden accused Trump of totally mishandling efforts to combat the virus, all while promising to bring an end to it himself.

“The administration’s ultimate goal, the officials said, is conveying a sense of optimism and overall confidence in its work on vaccines while at the same time publicly acknowledging a tough reality — that infections could outpace the rate of inoculation and that new strains of the virus could elude existing shots,” Politico wrote.

Recent data shows that seven-day average of deaths attributed to COVID-19 has increased by almost 7% since last week, Politico reported. Hospital admissions reportedly have increased as well.

If Trump were still in office, you can be sure Biden and his minions in the mainstream media would be all over these numbers. Instead, the Biden and his team want to clearly want to keep everything quiet.

Don’t think the coronavirus and how it’s reported has anything to do with politics? Yeah, think again.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. The virus has been nothing but political…but I’d rather they tamp it down like the reality it is instead of implementing more draconian edicts to take away freedoms.

  2. I live in central Texas. It is NOT a “surge” it is a “stampede”. Glad to help Uncle Joe out on the correct description of his problem that will never be solved by a Dem, Liberal, Marxist or Democratic Socialist.

  3. Re-phrasing or re-defining is nothing new for the Dems. The Obama administration re-named terrorism as “man called disasters”. Catch and release at the border were called deportations. This made the admin look tough on illegal immigration by padding its deportation numbers. Coincidentally, AOC recently referred to the “surge” language at the border as a white supremacist term. Combine this with a complicit media and we may see that word disappear completely from the lexicon.

    • So China Joe the Communist had a dog removed (someone had the dog removed) because he did his shit thing in the WH. China Joe being the great scientist he is said, “It looks like dog shit, it smells like dog shit, it taste like dog shit,obviously it is canine solid protein and carbohydrate waste material”. It needs a little salt and pepper.

      If China Joe says it needs salt and pepper, it needs salt and pepper. He would be the expert on dog shit, all day, every day. It is just his talent.

  4. This is absolutely a manufactured crisis – manufactured by the Biden Cabal.

    Also, I think that AOC thinks that the word ‘surge’ is a contraction of ‘insurgent’, judging by her latest shit-cometh-from-mouth post on Instagram. Holy shit.

  5. I’m on a Bob Dylan review today. Relevant today as he was yesterday.
    Check out It’s Alright ,Ma (I’m only bleeding) and Talkin’ World War III Blues.
    Just sayin’, you may find meaning, you may not, no big deal. Just one of those days where you recognize things don’t change all that much from years gone by till current times. People are still people, politicians are still untrustworthy. Good poetry, just the same.

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