Woman Quits Police Force To Make Content As ‘Officer Wild’

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The allure of making content has claimed another police officer. PC Kerri Andrews handed in her resignation to the Metropolitan Police recently to pursue a career on OnlyFans as “Officer Wild.”

Issues with higher ranking officers and false claims by a former friend that she was working as a dominatrix on the side left the 41-year-old with very few people on the force she could trust.

PC Kerri Andrews OnlyFans model Nyssa Valentina aka Officer Wild
Officer quitting job to become an OnlyFans model (Image Credit: Getty)

Andrews, who goes by the name Nyssa Valentina on social media, told the Daily Mail of the claims and subsequent investigation that she’s never been and will never be a dominatrix.

“I’m not a dominatrix, I’ve never been one and don’t have any plans to become one,” she said. “The allegation came from a colleague of mine – someone I considered to be a friend – who twisted a private conversation I had with her about my private life and the fact I had attended fetish parties.”

Andrews says the investigation found no evidence that she was a dominatrix and she was cleared of any wrongdoing. Those findings didn’t keep her co-workers from bullying her.

The lack of help from anyone of authority put her on a path that eventually introduced her to the world of content creating.

“Glamour modeling is unlike anything I’ve ever done but I like to feel good about myself and body confident and this is a fantastic outlet for that,” she said.

“A lot of men like women in uniform but I’m fairly unique in that I’m an actual police officer not just cosplaying at one.”

The Call To Make Content Can Be Too Much To Ignore

Andrews officially leaves the force in July. With her career as a police officer all but over she decided to get an early start on her new career. Last week she went ahead and launched her OnlyFans.

“My modeling name is Nyssa Valentina,” she explained. “But I call myself “Officer Wild” because I’m just that…an officer gone wild.”

The officer gone wild is charging her subscribers just over $13 a month to see her in and out of uniform.

There are a couple of things that standout to me about this particular cop turned content creator. The fact that she attends fetish parties and is taking her clothes off on OnlyFans, but draws the line on becoming a dominatrix is the first thing.

It’s a little confusing if I’m being honest, but it’s also something that I respect immensely. I love a good zig when people are expecting a zag.

The second thing that I’m picking up on is the possibility of a follow-up story from her about those in charge that she didn’t get along with subscribing to her content.

I’m predicting we get one of those in the next couple of months. The foundation has already been put in place. Let’s see just how good at making content Officer Wild truly is.

Written by Sean Joseph

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