Officer Brooke Gaines Stays Strapped, Dustin Johnson’s Masters Menu & Bruce Drennan Unloads On Caller

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I went over to to see how they played Opening Day & there wasn’t a single mention of Bruce Drennan going off the rails

Will Leitch, the founder of Deadspin (and editor when the site was actually incredible), wrote the Opening Day 2021 roundup for, and I couldn’t find a single mention of SportsTimeOhio/Bally Great Lakes show host Bruce Drennan going off the rails (videos below, scroll down) and blasting an Indians fan for whining about this year’s Cleveland team and how the Dark Ages are coming for Tribe baseball. It was an incredible cable TV moment and was by far the biggest social media moment for baseball on Thursday. It was exactly the type of moment I’ve been requesting from baseball, a moment that can be turned into content for a few days. A storyline. Bruce, who spent time in federal prison for tax filing issues, versus whiny fans is something the Internet can rally around for weeks on end.

Vintage Leitch would’ve led with Drennan. Leitch led with Fernando Tatis Jr. using a swim move to get back to first base. I did a site search for Drennan. Nothing. I’m not asking for to bust out a “Drennan verbally abuses caller, take a listen” headline, but maybe you just slip it into Leitch’s post to spice things up a little bit, no?


That’s why it’s imperative for sites like OutKick to keep doing what we’re doing for the common person. We have to be here to spice things up and make baseball more interesting than Tatis Jr. sliding back into first base. We have to scour the Internet for the tiniest of angles to keep you entertained during another day of work at a job you hate, but you stay because it pays the bills. That’s why you keep coming back to Screencaps day after day, and it’s not lost on me. Years ago I worked those miserable jobs only to get home and search out things like Bruce going nuts to get the blood pumping inside my body.

Send me the unique things you’re seeing out there in society, during games, at work, on the road to those miserable travel ball tournaments, in line at Chick fil A. I want to see it all and so do our readers.

• Let’s go over to the women’s NCAA Tournament to see how things are going. The latest outrage is over the Final Four video that was put out. Arizona, a Final Four team, wasn’t even included in the video. Have no fear, ESPN is on the case and someone at the NCAA is about to lose a career over this.

• I’d like to hear from you guys on restaurants in your area and their ability to find workers. I stopped into Chipotle a couple of weeks ago only to find out that they didn’t have enough workers to handle in-store ordering. App orders only. Now this week, a local diner just closed its doors because the owner can’t find cooks. Is this happening around you too?

• Do you like cooking on a gas stove? You’ll never guess which state might try to stop you from using a gas stove down the road. A little more digging reveals that the state also plans on stopping you from heating your house with gas. Good luck to all the chefs out there who also enjoy snuggling up to a gas fireplace.

• Final Four weekend! Good Friday. Easter. Have you noticed the lack of Don’t sit down with your grandma for Easter dinner, you might kill her chatter out of Fauc-dogg or the CDC overlords? Weird. I figured that was coming for sure. That said, go out there and have a pleasant Easter weekend. Buy your girlfriend and/or wife tulips. I’ll be doing just that later this afternoon.

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  1. That cocksucker Buttigeig(both figuratively and literally), is a Communist through and through. I hope Foxnews saw this on both posts this on their site and talk about it on their feeds sometime today because you know damn well the Propaganda arm of the media will bury this story.

  2. Glad to see Bruce hasn’t lost his charm. I gave him his first radio job, –probably the first sports talk in afternoon drive–in suburban Chicago….in 76′ or ’77.

    Thanks for the story.

  3. I parted ways with Will Leitch 8-10 years ago when he was swooning over Stacy Abrams. He was hard-core woke before there was “woke”. … Once a very good sportswriter who succumbed to terminal woke-itis.

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