Odell Beckham Likes To Be Pooped On (Allegedly)

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Whew, the smell of pigskin in the air was canceled last night by the stench of a Instagram clout chaser dropping a massive steamy load of content on the Internet. Speaking on the Thots Next Door podcast, a woman who goes by Slim Danger dumped out an Odell Beckham Jr. story that’s either one of the greatest clout chasing (a story generated to gain retweets, clicks, likes, Instagram followers, etc.) stories of all-time or paints a picture of just how freaky OBJ is in his private life.

Let’s cut to the chase here — Slim claimed on the podcast that Odell likes to be pooped on. That’s right, Odell’s into the Cleveland Steamer lifestyle. “He loves to be (pooped) on,” Slim said, adding she had trouble performing so you can erase that visual from your head, but she does say Odell slid into the DMs to ask her to send him photos of her doing work in the bathroom. Slim says she took it a step further and sent him a video and sexed it up a bit. These hoes know there’s some other ho out there looking to take her spot in the lineup. You give 110% effort or lose your starting job.

This is yet another reminder of just how different a breed we’re talking about when it comes to NFL guys. Odell’s out here on the DMs streets asking thots to take photos of them taking dumps and they answer these DMs like it’s no big deal.

Man, isn’t it great to have some old fashioned NFL stories back after the COVID layoff sucked the life out of society? I’ll answer for you — hell yes it is!

Here I thought the craziest story this year would be Baker Mayfield (allegedly) getting oral from a townie behind a suburban Cleveland Cheesecake Factory. Odell just jumped right over Bake in Cleveland’s craziest freak power rankings — if Slim Danger’s story is true.

Bake and Odell are going to run into each other today going into a meeting & it’s going to be one of those ‘challenge accepted, my man’ moments. No city during the last decade has done more for Internet content than Cleveland. Johnny Manziel wearing a disguise to go gamble in Vegas is now one of the tamest moments in Cleveland content history.

Before you think this whole Odell thing is so crazy that there’s no way it could be true, let’s go way back to 2008 when Osi Umenyiora made headlines after a “magazine model” (that’s how long ago we’re talking in Internet years) alleged she took $3k from the Giants All-Pro defensive end to do business on her.

There you have it, the NFL is back in a big way and we have our very first fun storyline of the 2020 season. Line up your jokes. Get your GIFs ready to go. Buckle up for one of the craziest seasons in NFL history. Here we go.

Update: Odell brushed off the Cleveland Steamer allegation via an Instagram post.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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