OceanGate Has (Finally) Pulled Future Titanic Missions

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It took them long enough.

Just weeks after the horrific implosion of an OceanGate sea vessel that was visiting the wreckage of the Titanic, the company has suspended all further explorations.

The decision shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, there was some criticism for why it took so long for what seemed like an obvious – as well as the right decision.

OceanGate has pulled future explorations to the Titanic wreckage site. (Photo by Ocean Gate / Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)


On June 22nd, officials confirmed that OceanGate’s “Titan” submersible had suffered a “catastrophic implosion,” after an hour and 45 minutes of making its descent to the Titanic’s location 12,500 feet below the ocean surface. Unfortunately, all five people onboard including the company’s CEO Stockton Rush perished. The vessel had been missing for 4 days and became an international story. It was viewed as a rush-against-time before the 96 hours of available oxygen was expected to run out.

“OceanGate has suspended all exploration and commercial operations,” read a message on the exploration companies main website on Thursday. However, those who aren’t fully satisfied from watching Titanic or countless other documentaries can still watch plenty of highlight videos of other OG excursions that took place successfully.

The company has faced increased scrutiny including from Titanic director James Cameron. He had concerns over the use of carbon fiber in the ship’s design. “I was very suspect of the technology that they were using. I wouldn’t have gotten in that sub… never believed in that technology of wound carbon fiber, you know, wound filament; cylindrical hull,” Cameron said.

Multiple investigations are currently underway as to the cause of the deadly incident.

In lieu of the vessel’s tragedy, other daring explorations – such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin’s space flights for tourists are now facing calls to stop as well.

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