Oakland A’s Stadium Is So Bad That They Have Possums Taking Over Broadcasters Booth

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It’s a possum party at America’s Worst Ballpark — the Oakland Coliseum. The Oakland A’s are one of the most tragically operated teams in all of major American sports.

On Friday, fans were reminded of their misfortunes. Oakland’s decrepit RingCenter Coliseum scared a pair of traveling New York Mets broadcasters.

Instead of taking the visitors’ television booth, Mets announcers Gary Cohen and Ron Darling were led by the A’s to stay in a separate room.

The A’s management explained that a possum was building a home in the visitors’ booth and that a foul scent of feces infected the area … but enough about the A’s play.


Smells Like A Rat At The Oakland A’s Coliseum…

Cohen and Darling were light-hearted about the matter as they shared the strange account during the broadcast.

“[SNY’s tech crew] walk in the booth and were immediately met by the stench of the possum having, you know, done his business in the booth,” said Cohen on the SNY broadcast.

He added, “Apparently, the booth reeked so badly of possum leavings that an executive decision was made to move us to this booth, which is somewhat smaller and has a few impediments, like there’s a pole right in front of me.”

The famed rodent has been dubbed the “RingCentral Coliseum Possum.”  

The Oakland Athletics and the Texas Rangers at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on August 06, 2020. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Cohen also shared a similar account from Angels play-by-play announcer Wayne Randazzo from the A’s home opener against Los Angeles. Randazzo visited the Coliseum and was the first to meet the reigning booth possum.

“So the Angels played here at the beginning of the season,” he added. “They were the first team in. Wayne Randazzo, our friend, is now the television voice of the Angels, and he told us in the opening game of the season, the possum who apparently lives somewhere in the wall behind that visitors TV booth made an appearance during the game in their booth.”

New York trounced the A’s on Friday, 17-6.

For a team that musters little less than 12,000 fans per game, the A’s have to wonder if the losses or rodent infestation is keeping the A’s fanatics away.

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