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O, Say Can You See The Art Of This War?

To the citizens cheering the dismantling of American culture — the toppling of statues, the renaming of buildings, the discarding of fight songs, symbols and mascots, the remaking of customs associated with singing our national anthem and flying the flag — let me warn you:

Destruction requires little skill or wisdom. Construction requires an abundance of both. 

Destruction vs. Construction. One demands no thought. The other necessitates a plan. One relies on emotion. The other depends on logic. 

The passionate supporters and silent sympathizers of the Black Lives Matter Movement mistakenly believe we’re living in an era of historic change similar to the Abolitionist Movement, the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Civil Rights Movement.

Freeing slaves, granting women the right to vote and ensuring black people full citizenship increased American freedom. Supporters of those movements sought to strengthen our country by being additive rather than punitive and restrictive.

This current wave of social justice reformers seeks to punish and restrict and, perhaps most devastatingly, demolish every tradition that preceded their feeling of superior enlightenment.

You can no longer chant “Gator bait” at University of Florida sporting events. UNLV is in the process of dumping its rebel mascot and nickname. The city of Boston contemplates removing a statue of Abraham Lincoln while the city of Columbus ponders tearing down a statue of Christopher Columbus. Longhorn fans can’t sing the “Eyes of Texas” with a clear conscience. The University of North Carolina’s trustees just lifted a moratorium on renaming buildings across campus. 

The list of symbolic changes sweeping America is endless. It stretches all the way to boxes of rice, maple syrup and cream of wheat

To what end? Improved race relations? That’s laughable. 

Improved self-image? Equally laughable.

The same people and corporations pushing to cleanse Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima from our breakfast table will continue to treat Cardi B, T.I., Rick Ross and every other N-word-spewing promoter of black degeneracy as respected icons.

The cosmetic improvements being embraced reveal the lack of skill, wisdom and substance of the architects. They’re the solutions of the cynical, the hopeless, the naive, the bigoted and our nation’s enemies. 

In The Art of War, Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu states “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

More than 2,500 years after his death, his countrymen can prepare a “Mission Accomplished” flag for the United States. 

We’re being subdued mentally. We’re being convinced of our wickedness. The social justice reformers and anarchists have demonized the customs and traditions that tied us together, made us feel proud of our journey, evolution and accomplishments.

You shout, “Good! Some of them need to go!”

Are we replacing them with something better? Are we replacing them with things that will unify us and allow us to function in a civilized manner? 

Can you purify a Confederate heart, a Confederate mind, a Confederate culture by force, by shame, by elimination of symbols? Or do you provoke a bitterness and secrecy that undermine racial progress and foment rebellion inside the privacy of a voting booth?  

The people most willing to ignore their sins and cast the first stone are fast at work reshaping One Nation Under God.

When football and basketball return, the playing of our national anthem will be the most polarizing three minutes in America. On Thursday Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he hopes to take a knee with his players during The Star-Spangled Banner. Across the country, at Pee Wee games to the Big House in Ann Arbor to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, athletes, coaches and fans will use the anthem to make a political statement. 

A rare traditional moment of unity and celebration before a sporting event will soon be a traditional moment of disharmony and solemn reflection. This is an enormous and important cultural shift sparked by someone lacking the chops and courage to defend his position.

The industry in America — sports — where black men have had the most success and exercised the most power and influence is going to jeopardize its reach and influence because Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem after losing his starting job.

To what end? The defunding or disabanding of the police force? The demolition of statues? The changing of street names?

Sports have been the most consistent unifying force in American culture. We’ve used the games and the diversity of the participants as the example that our melting pot operates best when we’re all involved. 

Making sports a major political battleground serves our enemies. Turning the anthem into three minutes of polarization serves our enemies. 

Author and motivational speaker Earl Nightingale warned: “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.” 

The hidden puppet masters putting batteries in the back of the social-media-addicted social justice reformers want us to believe that America’s narrative arc bends toward injustice and exploitation. 

It’s the only way they win the war. They can’t compete with our military, our constitutional freedoms or the historically-documented sacrifices we’ve made in pursuit of equality and inclusion. 

They have to subdue us without a fight.  

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jason I just became a VIP member because of you! I’m a 22yr Army retired officer and I have loved sports and especially football all of my life, but not anymore. I’m done with all of them except boxing. Because at least in boxing it doesn’t matter what your views are you have to back it up in the ring. I’ve always loved boxing but now i’m really embracing the integrity of the sport. Michael Thomas didn’t set the league completion record on his own. Drew Breeze threw him those passes. So when Thomas easily threw Drew away in his TWEETs it just kills me how the integrity of the modern team is gone. From now on I’m focusing on only individual sports and yes I’m a Shakur Stevenson fan but i guess because I’m a white middle aged man I can’t tell anyone? What are your views on boxing as an integrity sport?

  2. Great article as always. Whitlock joining Outkick only made sense. I think they will be the leading resource for sports content and information within the next two years. As far as sports go, MMA & PGA Tour seem safe. UFC is much healthier than boxing right now. I thought NCAAF would be ok, but they’re still TBD. NHL will most likely stand pat or potentially gain market share, while the NBA, MLB, and NFL will likely play 75%+ of their future schedules overseas, domestic ratings will plummet, & some teams will outright relocate out of US, my prediction by 2023. Americans will not be told what to do, and they will not be forced to break with tradition. They will choose to no longer support the product. Sad how enlightened people really aren’t.

  3. Jason is on fire ?. I just became a VIP member because of Jason and Clay teaming up together.
    My father was an immigrant In 1962 (a Christian Armenian from Syria) and he became a football fan very quickly. He never played. He couldn’t even throw a football or catch one. He loved the symmetry of the game. The tactics. The competition. It was warfare without bloodshed in his eyes. I swear that his favorite part of going to Football games was the Playing of the Anthem. He worked so hard to get to America and a sporting event was one of the only places he could hear it. And sing it. He was a tenor in his Armenian Church Choir.
    At Redskins games, He would stand, take his hat off and put his right hand over his heart ❤️. I learned the words Of our national anthem by hearing my father sing the anthem at Redskins games in the 1970’s. He loved this country so much and often couldn’t Exactly describe or explain why, but the anthem seemed to enable him to express his love. People in other countries Seem to love America More Than We Do (Except Switzerland ??- They are Neutral)
    Keep up the great work Jason (and Clay ?).

  4. I too joined the Outkick movement with the news that Jason is joining forces with Clay, whom i already followed and admired. I deleted the ESPN app from all my devices and discovered that there numerous choices who don’t shave their political views down my throat. For a guy who disdains politics, Jason is incredibly well-informed and offers amazing perspective.

  5. I too joined the Outkick movement with the news that Jason is joining forces with Clay, whom i already followed and admired. I deleted the ESPN app from all my devices and discovered that there numerous choices who don’t shve their political views down my throat. For a guy who disdains politics, Jason is incredibly well-informed and offers amazing perspective.

  6. I just heard Whitlock on the Chris Mannix podcast say that he has lost 60 lbs. while quarantining this whole time. Congrats Whit and keep up the great work! (I would tweet you this but I had to delete my Twitter account to maintain my sanity and positivity in this world).

  7. Also signed up today. Enjoyed Clay for quite some time and appreciate his wisdom. You joining his team is great. Not enough places on the internet seem to understand how hard was to establish the rights that we all now have. I would just note that in America, we vote. The fight is not yet over.

    Very disturbing we are taking so much of our history down, much of which did reflect racist segregation and an attempt to preserve slavery. It seems very similar to what the Taliban did to the Buddhas of Bamyan when they destroyed these two 6th-century monumental statues of Gautama Buddha. We should not destroy our history just because we disagree with it.

  8. The partnership of Travis and Whitlock is superb! Definitely drove me to sign up for VIP if anything to just throw support in for this. Whitlock’s content thus far has been nothing short of being on fire. I look forward to all of the pieces on OKTC. Appreciate all of those that are supporting these guys as well.

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