NYPD Lap Dance Cop Celebrates Anniversary Of Viral Moment By Wearing Her ‘Legendary’ Skirt

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NYPD officer Vera Mekuli marked the anniversary of her viral Christmas party lap dance by wearing the “Legendary” outfit and sharing it with her more than 37,000 Instagram followers. You know the outfit. The one that includes a checkered miniskirt.

You also know the viral video. It’s the one where the NYPD rookie gave a married lieutenant an up close and personal lap dance during a police department Christmas party at a bar.

On Friday night Mekuli, who seemed to know the look was going to get some attention, shared a picture she simply captioned “Legendary” along with a video camera and newspaper emojis.

It’s hard to argue that the look and the video aren’t legendary. The comment section immediately recognized Mekuli’s outfit and weighed in with everything from asking to be arrested to mentions of this year’s Christmas party.

One of the first comments on the pic is one that recognized the look, “I remember that outfit.”

Other commenters followed that up by assuming she was getting ready for another Christmas party. One asked, “Where’s the Christmas party this year?”

“Can you please come to my holiday party and jam up my lt,” another invited.

NYPD Lap Dance Cop’s Run Isn’t Over Yet

Mekuli has obviously gotten over the initial embarrassment of the moment. In addition to that, she’s been able to stretch her viral fame over an entire year.

That’s impressive and encouraging. She’s by no means a household name, but she is recognizable enough to get some attention on the internet a year later.

I prefer to live in a world where one, you can go viral for giving your boss a lap dance at a Christmas party and two, if you do give your boss a lap dance you can stretch out that viral fame for an entire year.

Written by Sean Joseph

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