NYC Police Officer Under Fire For Saving Boyfriend From Drug Bust

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A New York City police officer is under fire — and investigation — for stopping a drug bust in the name of love.

The heart wants what the heart wants!

Bronx Robbery Squad Officer Alisa Bajraktarevic, 33, is under the ‘scope for causing mayhem during a car stop for her “major” drug dealer boyfriend on Saturday. Apparently, she caused such a fuss that the squadron had to call for backup.

“She jumped out and got involved,” a police source told the NY Post. “He’s a really bad guy and known to the department.”

Cop allegedly saved lover from drug bust.

Police officer probed for saving boyfriend from drug bust

Shockingly, the police department warns about not getting involved with criminals.

Seems like something that shouldn’t need to be said at orientation, but then again, you have situations like this so I guess the precedent is set.

Bajraktarevic, by the way, denied that her unnamed boyfriend is a drug dealer and that cops were about to bust him.

“They tell you from day one you shouldn’t be consorting with known criminals,” the source continued. “This person eventually is going to use you as a get-out-of-jail card, which is what he did.”

NYC cop saved drug boyfriend.

Yep — that’s criminal 101. Get chummy with the hot officer who, judging by her Instagram, crushes the gym, and then BAM, you have an ace in the hole if you get caught pushing drugs.

Bajraktarevic’s Instagram is now private, which seems like a smoking gun if I’ve ever seen one.

Anyway, Bajraktarevic has been with the NYPD for 11 years, and joined the Bronx Robbery Squad in June.

And how about this for a curveball?

According to the Post, Bajraktarevic was warned about a year ago not to associate with the alleged dealer after she tried to intervene when police went to his home in northern Manhattan, the sources said.

Not only did she ignore the directive, she had the audacity to bring him to a police function, the sources added.

Again, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Written by Zach Dean

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