NYC Plans To Use Every Type Of COVID Restriction On Schools This Upcoming Year

New York City COVID mandates are tactfully throwing everything but the kitchen sink at schools when it comes to enforcing restrictions.

Based on updated COVID outlines released by Mayor Bill de Blasio, the New York City school district will require an entire arsenal of Fauci-approved measures that would have been useful back in April 2020, but are now outdated in approach.

The COVID mandates include:

Constant and randomized COVID testing throughout the school year.

As part of the new protocols, the city will test a random sample of 10 percent of unvaccinated people in schools every other week, a group that will include only students later this fall, when all adults will be required to be fully vaccinated, the mayor said. That means all children in elementary school will be subjected to testing, pending parent consent, while only unvaccinated middle and high schoolers will be tested…

Subjecting children who test positive for COVID to quarantine.

This year, when someone in a classroom tests positive, only unvaccinated close contacts will have to quarantine for 10 days.

Middle and high school students who are unvaccinated but are considered close contacts of an infected person can leave quarantine early if they receive a negative test result five days into their quarantine.

Reincorporating the highly inefficient online schooling approach from 2020.

Elementary school students learning at home during quarantine will receive live online instruction from their teachers, but quarantined older students will work on their assignments on their own at home…

And extensive measures to keep the schools both clean and closed in the event of a case breakout.

Buildings will close for 10 days if there is evidence of widespread transmission as determined by the city’s disease detectives.

The schools will also add a duo of air purifiers to each classroom, which should then nullify a need for indoor mask wearing based on newly available data comparing the effectiveness of proper ventilation and N95 masks.

Better to be safe than sorry, decides de Blasio, with total disregard for parents calling for an end to COVID restrictions in classrooms.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • Same. The “SCieNcE!” crowd has now abandoned critical thought and actual science, which has shown children do not react to COVID the same as adults, for this continued “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” approach to school. The primary purpose of school has been relegated to the dumpster of politics

  1. They voted for this imbecile twice. New York City is a lost cause. The only thing that’ll change that is if people leave in droves. Democrats ruin everything they touch.

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