NY Times Columnist (Who Else?) Praises UConn Football For Refusal To Play

Most college football programs marched on and made it through bowl season almost entirely unscathed, with nothing beyond the much-awaited national title game between Alabama and Ohio State left to be played.

Given the circumstances, college football’s return was a riveting success overall.

Unless, of course, you ask Kurt Streeter of The New York Times (surprise, surprise). Streeter wrote that the University of Connecticut is the real national champion after determining “to squarely face the coronavirus and decide against playing a single snap during a raging pandemic.”

Streeter went on to suggest that the only reason college football was played was the greed of the people in charge.

“The worst wafflers were the Pac-12 and the Big Ten, which lacked the fortitude to stand by their decision when they saw the other major conferences suiting up,” he wrote. “They couldn’t resist the hundreds of millions in television revenue and the chance to reach the national title game, where Ohio State will represent the Big Ten.”

Of course, he fails to mention the impact of just sitting around and waiting for the pandemic to end, while the athletes’ eligibility went by the wayside and careers ended prematurely. He also ignores the fact that, after 18 weeks of football, disaster (or anything even close) has been avoided entirely.

Yes, COVID-19 is real and extra precautions should be taken, but it’s interesting that Streeter addresses only college football. The NFL, NBA and MLB have also played. Some still are. The NHL starts later this month. College basketball is playing, as well.

It’s almost as if Streeter just wants to find a way to praise Connecticut for going along with his soft stance on facing of adversity. UConn competes in the FBS (formerly Division I-A), and was one of just three programs to sit out the season, even at that level.

So welcome to the coronabro club, Kurt. Give that man a card.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. Someone needs to see if he’s dating a UConn alum or if his boss is UConn alum. If neither were, then just send Mr. Streeter a pussy hat and file him and his article away in the metal receptacle next to your desk and move on to something more meaningful! LOL

  2. UConn faced Corona squarely in the face….and then turtled. Streeter is just one of many sissy soy-boy leftists who got his head stuffed in a toilet when he was in middle or high school, hates masculinity, hates American culture and especially hates football. He never had a man card and is unqualified to comment on such matters

  3. Where is all the Death and Destruction these guys predicted? The only losers in this were the UCONN football players. The NYT columnist still does his “job”, for pay, while these college athletes have a major part of their college experience crushed.

    What a joke.

  4. I applaud his courageous stance. Think of all the lives he saved! He surely deserves a Pulitzer, or maybe a Purple Heart!
    Wait……No one died? Or even got very ill? Well, he is still right. Everyone knows NYT only has our best interests at heart. The paper of the people!
    Maybe we should pool resources and send him a DBAP shirt!

  5. The left has two stratagies:

    1) Predict amazing failure (3 million dead), then claim whatever they did kept it from going as far as predicted.
    2) Predict amazing success (your health insurance price will go down), then claim it would’ve been worse without them, or they need more money.

    So they predicted death and disaster if football was played, and no one got remotely sick. Both the NFL and the NCAA completed their seasons. Now all the Coronabros have is UCONN to praise? Seriously, who cares. Were they supposed to be in contention for something?

    I do feel bad for the players. How many of them won’t ever play again? It’s not like they aren’t gonna recruit this year.

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