NY Giants Trainer’s Advice Possibly Saved The Life of Logan Ryan’s Wife

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The New York Giants could use any positive news it can get, and there’s not much more positivity than a team trainer giving cornerback Logan Ryan advice that saved his wife from a serious situation. The eight-year vet shared the story of what happened Monday night and Tuesday when his wife, Ashley, started having pains.

“I was leaving the stadium around 1 a.m., and she was telling me about some pains she had in her stomach,” Ryan said during a Wednesday press conference. “I told her she wanted to sleep it off. She said she was in extreme pain, but she would wait until the morning. I talked to one of our trainers about the symptoms and he said, ‘No, she needs to go to the [emergency room].’ ”

Justin Maher was the trainer whose advice saved Ashley Ryan. She went to the emergency room where doctors diagnosed her with an ectopic pregnancy, a complication where the embryo attaches outside the uterus. Logan and Ashley learned an hour later the pregnancy wasn’t viable, and she was rushed to surgery to remove the pregnancy and stop internal bleeding.

“The emotions that followed were unbearable,” Ashley wrote on Instagram Story. “I am still sorting through most of this in my own head. Why was I that 1%, what does this mean for the future, how that trainer quite possibly saved my life. How I asked my sister to come on this trip with me with two days notice. I was supposed to be alone.”

Logan Ryan said Giants head coach Joe Judge told him, “Don’t worry about football,” that he should go be with Ashley in Florida if he needed to. “That’s what Joe is as a man,” Ryan said about his coach. “There are really good people here. That’s why I came here. There are really good trainers here.”

“I’ll do everything I can to play for a coach like that and for an organization like this because if that wasn’t the case I don’t know if my wife would be here today. I’m extremely grateful for this organization and for Joe and for everyone to understand there are things bigger than football.”

It wasn’t the best of weeks for the Giants. They lost another game. Golden Tate’s wife went off on the team. Tate himself went off during the game, yelling, “Throw me the damn ball.” He also missed a practice. The Giants needed a moment this week to make things a little better, and Logan Ryan delivered one of those moments by sharing this story.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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