NWSLPA Accuses FIFA Video Game Of ‘Offensive’ Portrayal Of ‘Women Of Color’ For Glitch That Affects Males Players Too

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The National Women’s Soccer League Players Association (NWSLPA) demands the video game FIFA 23 responds with “immediate action.”

The players’ union says the game must change the likeness of its “women of color” because the portrayals are hurtful.

Meghann Burke, executive director of the NWSLPA, released the following statement through CNN:

“We insist on immediate action from EA to rectify the offensive and inauthentic portrayals of players of color in FIFA 23, which were released yesterday.”

She means business.

The issue originated from a tweet via Sydney Leroux, who plays for Angel City FC. Leroux posted a screenshot of her player character on Wednesday:

Well, that certainly isn’t Leroux.

But the issue is not exclusive to “women,” as she says. Or “people of color,” as the NWSLPA says.

The game is experiencing a glitch (as most newly released games do).

As multiple users noted on social media, the bald player glitch is an issue that happens to both genders. And to all races.

See, male soccer player Darwin Núñez also appears bald and looking unlike himself in the game:

The generic-looking footballer is how a player appears while the processor updates a person’s face.

And what do you know, FIFA updated Leroox’s face less than 24 hours after she declared herself a victim of likeness:

In short, FIFA added NWSL teams to its series in March. And upon technical difficulties, the female players revert temporarily to the same generic look as the male characters: the bald dude.

That’s the offense. That’s what stirred the outrage and calls for immediate action.

FIFA did not disrespect women of color.

At worst, the game didn’t plan for this specific technical difficulty by uploading a generic woman to temporarily take the place of female players.

Certainly, a default woman will be added to the game soon. A woman of color, that is.

FIFA may need to inflict more tech troubles just to show off said new generic soccer woman.

Unfortunately for Leroux, NWSL players are not victims– no matter how hard they pretend.

However, gamers are. They are the ones who pay some $80 for a video game that remains littered with glitches.

Written by Bobby Burack

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