Nursing Home That Hired Stripper For Residents Is Forced To Apologize

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Hiriko…Hiriko to the stage please…gentlemen, remember you can’t buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes.

A Taiwanese nursing home is in hot water for hiring a stripper to entertain old-timers in wheelchairs as part of the entertainment to celebrate a fall festival that focuses on the rice and wheat harvests. The Taoyuan Veterans Home, which houses military vets, has issued a sorry for partying apology for the stripper’s masked-up performance where she gave the boys what could be one final look at a woman at the top of her game.

After this, if they die, they die. At least they went out feeling alive inside.

Nursing home stripper video
Taiwanese military vets got quite a show during the Mid-Autumn Festival at their nursing home when a stripper put on a wild show / Twitter

According to observers, the stripper spent 15 minutes performing for the vets who are in the facility dealing with dementia and other disabilities.

In their apology, party planners said they had been “overzealous” and just wanted residents to feel the stripper’s “enthusiasm” and “energy.”

Well, from the video, they definitely felt her enthusiasm.

The nursing home said it would be “more cautious” in the future when it hires talent to perform for the vets, but many people are coming to the defense of the Taoyuan Veterans Home saying there’s no need to bend a knee to the wokes who don’t want the vets to feel some boobs.

The idea of strippers entertaining white hairs isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. You might remember back in 2019 when an 89-year-old grandma got her wish in the form of a buff male stripper to grind on her.

“I thought that he was amazing. I wish he could visit us every day,” the grandma told the BBC.

“He made me feel like I was young again, I loved every second.”

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