NPR Argues White People Who Use Yellow Emoji Are Privileged

White people, NPR would like you to stop using the yellow thumb emoji immediately.

NPR, which American tax dollars fund, investigated the ways that some white people benefit from the thumb emojis they use.

A researcher in Berlin named Zara Rahma found that white people think both the white and yellow emojis are theirs, while black people have claim to only the black emojis. Rahma says white people think they can use the yellow emoji because of their systemic entitlement.

“One friend who is white told me that it was because he felt that white people were overrepresented in the space that he was using the emoji, so he wanted to kind of try and even the playing field,” Rahman said. “For me, it does signal a kind of a lack of awareness of your white privilege in many ways.”

White privilege, you see. NPR elaborates in a tweet:

It took three NPR employees to write this story, and we are glad that an outlet expended so many resources to investigate society’s gravest dangers so carefully.

One of the NPR writers closely studied “Twitter data” and conversely concluded that some white people use the yellow emoji to avoid asserting their privilege. Yet that’s naughty too.

“Some white people may stick with the yellow emoji because they don’t want to assert their privilege by adding a light-skinned emoji to a text, or to take advantage of something that was created to represent diversity.

“[T]here was a default in society to associate whiteness with being raceless, and the emojis gave white people an option to make their race explicit.”


Just to be safe, I say white people should stop using all emojis at this moment. We cannot trust whites to send emojis in a way that won’t both express their white privilege as well as hide it. Based on NPR’s research, it’s probably racist no matter which emoji white people use.

In short, yellow emojis were made for the Simpsons, but white folks went and appropriated those too. Damn them.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This is too dumb to even be worth thinking about. It’s like they’re actively trying to find the most trivial and irrelevant bullshit they can to divide people. Next thing we know NPR is going to be publishing serious thinkpieces about whether we should prefer left Twix or right Twix.

    If Republicans take back Congress this year, they need to absolutely gut NPR’s funding. There’s no reason even a single taxpayer dollar should be used to investigate whether white people can use yellow emojis.

  2. The people that are most obsessed with skin color are the liberal progressives. They are the racist ones who think about this stuff constantly.

    When I’ve received an emoji I’ve never once thought about what color the person was that sent it.

    • Liberal progressives AND the mainstream media (which are basically the same thing). It’s like they go out of their way to find racial discrimination stories and make them national stories. CNN had 2 this morning (I don’t watch CNN but saw it on the big TVs at the gym when I was on the elliptical).

  3. The NPR “researchers” who postulate this idiocy are one degree of pure fools … but the real saps are the numbnutz that might believe it.
    BabylonBee is pissed that they didn’t think of this first as an excellent satire.

  4. Way too much time on their hands. Living in the USA is so fucking incredible that these loonies need to start looking at thumb emojis to justify their racist worldviews. What the holy fuck is wrong with these people?

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