Now We Know Why ESPN Hired Colin Kaepernick

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The New York Times this morning had a big article on racism at ESPN.

Turns out, they didn’t find anything.

But ESPN was so panicked by the prospects of the article, that they decided to sign Colin Kaepernick for a documentary in an effort to prove to everyone that they were still woke.

They were running scared. This explains the decision to sign Colin Kaepernick.

The article had no substance. There was nothing there.

In the words of political operatives, a nothing-burger. 

Nothing was uncovered and there was no proof that ESPN had done anything wrong,

I wish ESPN had stood their ground and not pay blood money to Colin Kaepernick to try to prove they weren’t racist.

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  1. Just think about the murder rate that has gone up since the call to defund and to demonize the police (and Kaepernick’s role in contributing to this serious and costly issue), and how he had personally benefited in personal wealth and status while the very people he allegedly cared so much about get murdered. Wish one day Kaepernick meets his maker and realizes what regrettable mistakes he had made calling police pigs and oppressors.

  2. When they signed him and created this TV special, I thought it was odd because most people really don’t think about this dude at all until ESPN brings him up. Its not that the demand for him is or was rising so why bring him back up? TV programs are entertainment and supposed to generate sustainable interest so money can be generated from advertisers. But he does not have a groundswell of interest that was developing at all, ESPN was in fact proactively cutting off the Twitter cupcakes they anticipated would bring ESPN down. BUT does ESPN not understand a great deal of historical sports fans were already turned off by their crap and this is going to further solidify that movement.

  3. I haven’t watched ESPN for years. Way too much focus on the studio talking heads, even going back to the supposed heyday of Patrick and that other moron. They should have just stuck to the script by showing endless loops of slam dunks and boring us to tears with droll (not) “entertainment.”

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