Now The Media Tells Us Not To Be Pleased Coronavirus Deaths Are Declining

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It’s been two weeks since Florida had the big surge of new coronavirus cases in Florida and there’s been no substantial increase in death.

No one can predict the future but everyone has been saying just wait two weeks. That’s the coronabros’ favorite saying: Just wait two weeks.

It has now been two weeks since the surge in cases in Florida and there is no substantial increase in death.

In fact, Bloomberg News had one of the all-time best headlines for the coronabros yesterday:  “A Lower Covid-19 Death Rate is Nothing to Celebrate”.

Is this real life? You know things are actually going well when the headlines reflect that you shouldn’t be happy that less people are dying. This is unbelievable how stupid these headlines have gotten.

This is insanely dumb.

There are fear-porn purveyors out there who are losing their minds. But we can’t change our lives together.

It is time to get back to normalcy.

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  1. Gee, I wonder if such a headline on BLOOMBERG NEWS has anything to do with the fact that with a cratered death rate, we can open up the economy in an election year. And with an E V I L orange ogre republican in office, we can’t have that!

    Seriously, anybody that thinks otherwise is blind to reality.

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