Now OJ’s Worried About People Dying – 2020 Is Officially Crazy

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O.J. Simpson, one who never seemed to be one worried about innocent people dying, has come out today with a bold statement on death and kids going to school and getting COVID. Juice is clearly worried about kids bringing the virus back into their houses and killing their parents.

“I do know this, uh, the teachers and the school bus drivers aren’t kids,” Juice said on his Twitter video. “And what are you going to do when those kids come home from school? What are parents gonna do? Parents have physical contact with their kids. They can’t lock them in a room and feed them under a door. Many of them will be coming home with the infection. How do you protect the parents? The aunts. The uncles. The grandparents.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Juice is turning over a new leaf here in his stance against parents being killed and it’s refreshing to see. Imagine kids coming home and double murdering their parents with a vicious virus. That would be tragic.

You can see it on Juice’s face. He’s clearly thinking about kids growing up with one or both of their parents gone, dead. He’s clearly keeping up with all the scientific data out there concerning children transmitting the virus.


And thanks to a longtime follower, Adam, who sent over O.J.’s TikTok. I had no idea this existed.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Parents are also young as well. 20’s-40’s, so very little risk. I guess if there is a valid point from OJ, it could be that grandparents with conditions should be isolated. But, this should already have been taking place since April. So, no change in what the country is doing except for parents won’t have to personally babysit, I mean educate, their kids now.

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