Novak Djokovic Inhales Mysterious Content From A Bottle In Bizarre Moment At Wimbledon

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Novak Djokovic does things his own way and his latest stunt at Wimbledon is just the latest example of that.

During one of his recent matches at Wimbledon, the world’s No. 1 player was seen sitting with a water bottle between sets. Djokovic didn’t appear to drink a liquid from the non-labeled, all-white bottle, but instead seemed to inhale some mysterious substance from it.

To make the entire situation even more conspicuous, Djokovic signals over to his support crew to get the thumbs up before actually inhaling from the bottle.

You can tell right away that it’s not a liquid Djokovic is sucking down.

A source that spoke with The Telegraph about the incident suggests that Djokovic is likely inhaling isotonic which is “mainly pre-workout stuff because it gives them a buzz.” 

Whatever the substance is, it appeared to give Djokovic a boost in the quarterfinal match.

He dropped the first two sets against Jannik Sinner before reeling off the final three sets punching his ticket to the semifinals.

Djokovic was caught inhaling an odd substance during the 2020 Australian Open as well and when asked about it he referred to it as “magic potions that my physio prepares in the lab.”

That doesn’t sound sketchy, or illegal, at all.

Written by Mark Harris

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