Novak Djokovic Is Defaulted at US Open For Hitting a Line Judge With A Ball

Just when you think Sports 2020 can’t possibly get any crazier, along comes Novak Djokovic, the world No. 1 and top men’s seed at the U.S. Open.

Djokovic was defaulted in the first set of his match against Pablo Carrena Busta for (probably accidentally) drilling a ball at a line judge:

This unfortunate move ends Djokovic’s attempt for an 18th major victory — which he was a heavy favorite to attain — and sends the men’s bracket into disarray. No word yet on the condition of the linesperson.

Here’s the United States Tennis Association’s official word on the incident:

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  1. Tennis is a sport with a lot of decorum and they stick to the rules. The officials did the right thing disqualifying him, this isn’t like the NFL where they make some stuff up as they go along. Bottom line, Djovokic should not have been so outward with his frustration and it caught up with him.

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