Coronabros Go Nuts As Notre Dame Fans Storm Field After Upset Of No. 1 Clemson

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Notre Dame completed its upset over Clemson 47-40 that sent fans into a frenzy. After the clock struck 0’s, fans stormed the field and turned this into a “super spreader” event. President-elect Joe Biden would lose his mind if he was awake for this one.

Behind a three-touchdown, 140-yard performance from halfback Kyren Williams, Notre Dame was matching every punch Clemson threw. Clemson was without future No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence, but the Irish were still impressive.

Isn’t it ironic that our major political networks called the election Saturday, then that evening fans are dancing at midfield like the pandemic never happened? This should surprise absolutely no one who’s paying attention to the weaponization of COVID and this event isn’t likely to be coverage tomorrow. Why would it be? COVID panic did its job.

These kids are jumping up and down like children on Christmas Day. To be clear, these college students should be able to rush the field and celebrate a big win. OutKick’s own Clay Travis was already ripping COVID protocols to bits before this event even happened.

The only reason Trevor Lawrence didn’t play tonight or fans aren’t in the stands at capacity is because it would be bad PR for college football. That’s the only reason we’re walking around like a flesh-eating virus is on the breath of every walking American.

Who cares anymore right?

Clay Travis is right that the “coronabros” are going to be furious. No needs to pretend to care about the health of the people now, so there’s no such thing as super spreader events anymore.

We should be happy that something like this is finally happening. Maybe we can begin our transition into living our lives like these students? Regardless of whether claims about COVID are true, if Donald Trump held a rally at the capacity of Notre Dame’s student section, CNN would hold a candle vigil. Never thought we would see an event that made us so happy and sad at once.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I’m still torn as to whether or not the leftist cabal that will be making decisions for Biden will either ignore everything they claimed to care about before when it comes to fauxvid, or if they’d rather keep using it as a tool to control the masses. Tyranny needs but an excuse to be implemented…

  2. In other news the president elect announced his plans to fight covid. In part they include forming a task force, the wearing of some sort of face covering, I believe they called it a mask, and the development of a “reliable” vaccine (unlike the “unreliable” one the current president has been apparently working on in the White House kitchen every morning at 2 am.) These are revolutionary ideas that no one has ever thought of. The nation has been saved.

    I’m considering going to PA to see if I can I can still vote there.

  3. I think Biden is sleeping most of the day anyway; no way he was awake at 11:30 Eastern time. They jsut drag his old ass out to say a few words, then it’s back to the basement.

    Let’s face it, that socialist slut Kumswalla Harris will be running the country.

  4. I’d be more concerned about it…if it weren’t for the fact there were lots of people in the cities storming the streets in celebration from the media said Biden ‘victory’. Funny how the coronabros overlook it when it favors their political side of the spectrum.

    Oh and I saw the tapes…they weren’t all wearing masks.

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