Notre Dame Announces Mandatory Vaccination For Reporters

The Fighting Irish continue to bow a knee to COVID dating back to their announcement of mandatory vaccination for returning students in April. The rule will now be extended to all visiting media members hoping to cover Notre Dame activities in the upcoming college football season.

According to insider Brett McMurphy, “Notre Dame announces if you plan to cover the Fighting Irish (in any sport) during practice, press conferences or games at Notre Dame – you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

With Indiana have one of the lowest rates of vaccination among all states, Notre Dame’s guidelines will impose vaccination on visiting reporters that have decided to forego inoculation, or recovered from COVID — which boasts a stronger immune response than the vaccine.

Remembered for their infamous storming of the field after defeating Clemson in November 2020, Notre Dame continues to let COVID panic overshadow storylines on the field by embracing theater more than Rudy did back in 1993.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Notre Dame sucks. As a grad, I am embarrassed. At this point everyone who wants a vaccine has had a chance to get one. So the only people at risk now are those who have made a free will decision to not one so why does ND care. My body, my choice, right? Are they now going to tell reporters what they can eat and drink at home to make sure they have a prior diet and whether they can alone etc. Losers

  2. The same Notre Dame that has a petition signed by over 100 students & faculty to keep Chick-Fil-A from opening on campus. Because they don’t agree with the owner’s personal political or religious views. Let’s see if Notre Dame administrators cave to that lunatic fringe.

  3. The so called Catholic Schools are the worst in WOKE stupidity. I’ve told my grown children they would not have gotten a nickel from me today to attend college and two graduated from Catholic colleges. BLM patches on Big East uniforms were appalling. Don’t miss watching sports a bit, read a book! NBC Olympic coverage will hit all time low ratings.

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