Researchers Creating Nose-Only COVID-19 Masks to Wear While Eating

Some states might eventually let you take off your mask … in exchange for these nose-only masks to wear while you eat and drink.

Researchers in Mexico are into the idea of a new mask that covers only noses to ensure noses are blocked while enjoying a meal.

Here’s a look. Try to keep jealousy out of it, please:


It’s unclear how popular this look could get, but surely Gavin Newsom could promote the cause by demanding that those in his state wear them while out to dinner. He would, of course, grant himself an exemption.

For those worried that their regular masks could soon lose steam, have no fear. These nosers are recommended to wear under full masks. In other words, the nose-onlys can be used as a third mask, under your other two.

One has to wonder if the number of successful dates will go up or down with nose masks?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I really enjoy reading the Outkick articles because it keeps me aware of the stupidity taking place in society. But then it saddens me when I realize many Americans are completely unaware of what’s going on because they get their news/info from the bias mainstream media and social media sites.

    • If I didn’t do business with sports cards through Facebook I’d have cancelled it long ago. Unfortunately I do so I I keep it and I can’t help but glance at how stupid this country and really world is through it. My biggest pet peeve in life is stupidity and my god does social media push that beyond its limits.

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