High School Football Team Gets Completely Embarrassed As Ridiculously Strong Velcro Causes Epic Fail During Pregame Runout

Northville High School football had a very bad Friday night. Not only did it lose by three in heart-breaking fashion, but it got completely embarrassed before the game even began.

Northville, a school of about 2,500, is located in Michigan about halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor. It hosted Brighton High School for the fifth game of 2022 and fell just short when the clock hit zero.

The Mustangs had the chance to tie the game in the final minute and send it to overtime with a 29-yard-field field goal. However, the kick was blocked and the Bulldogs left with a win.

While it may seem like there can’t be anything more demoralizing than losing on a blocked field goal in the closing moments, there was. And it happened before the game even started.

Prior to kickoff, both teams were introduced and ran out onto the field. As the visitors, Brighton went first. Their players ran under a banner, so there were not any issues.

The same cannot be said for the home team. Ridiculously strong velcro led to an epic fail.

As Northville ran from the end zone toward midfield, and ultimately its sideline, it was not successful. At all.

The first Northville Mustang that tried to run through the team’s velcro banner got absolutely ROCKED.

He hit the banner and bounced back a solid three yards on the ricochet.

As his teammates tried to catch up and join the leader in his runout, they too were stopped in their tracks by the banner. It took three players to rip apart the velcro before Northville was finally able to break through and run onto the field.

Take a look at how things went down as the Mustangs fell victim to velcro:

Funny enough, this has a close resemblance to another Michigan team— though on the college level.

Back in 2014, Eastern Michigan University struggled mightily with a brick wall. It was equally as funny.

Surely, Northville will make sure that its velcro is loosened up before next week’s game. Oops!

Written by Grayson Weir

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