Apparently, It’s A Crime To Take A Raccoon Into A North Dakota Bar…I Thought This Was America!

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Got freedom?

Not if you carry a wild raccoon into a bar in the middle of nowhere North Dakota where the local police don’t think it’s a very funny bar trick. Erin Christensen, 38, found out that police aren’t playing games when the damn thing could’ve been carrying rabies.

According to reports, Christensen, who had been raising the raccoon for three months, took it into a bar — there aren’t too many options in Maddock, a town of 514 residents — this month and the barmaid wasn’t amused.

woman arrested raccoon north dakota bar
Erin Christensen / Lake Region Correctional Facility

Cops say Erin was told to get the damn rodent out of the saloon and complied after five minutes, but the incident led to an investigation by the Benson County Sheriff’s Department which determined Ms. Christensen had committed a few violations over the life of the investigation.

Oh, and the fish and wildlife people took in the raccoon, which was put down and tested for rabies.

I could see this being a huge problem in like Illinois or some state where the lib libs have taken over, but North Dakota? That seems like a state where some wild shit takes place in the middle of nowhere bars that never makes the national news.

It feels like the type of state where people would have raccoons on leashes as pets to keep them company through a dark, lonely winter.

That said, the whole rabies thing would definitely be a concern because it can be fatal and all, but at the same time, it feels like there should be select North Dakota bars where people walk into knowing they could die by an animal bite.

After all, this is still America. We need to leave some of it wild.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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