No Defense Will Be Played in Chicago

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Eagles vs. Bears, 1 ET

If the Bears want to look at a franchise to try and rebuild their team in a similar style to, it should be the Eagles. The Eagles still have the best team in the NFL, at least record-wise. The Bears are stuck in yet another year of rough football. Still there has been at least a little bit of hope shown from this Bears team despite their terrible record.

After losing to the Commanders, the Eagles have found their winning ways again with four straight victories. Last week they were one of the most bet-on teams and absolutely demolished the Giants on the road. Before that, they handled the Titans with ease and they also racked up points against Green Bay. Their offense looks really good and doesn’t have many signs of slowing down. On defense, they still can be beaten, but it will be virtually impossible for the Bears to take them down completely. Most of that is because I’d be surprised if the Eagles punt the ball more than twice in the game. The only reason the Eagles wouldn’t cover this game is due to motivation. It is hard to get pumped up for the second straight road game, and they are playing a team that is going nowhere. If they try hard, they will rock the Bears, the Chicago defense is just nonexistent.

Justin Fields is back for the Bears and that does make a rather large difference. If Fields wasn’t in this game, I’d have to imagine that the line would be -12 or higher. With Fields, the Bears offense has some hope to at least progress the ball downfield. Fields needs all the work he can get so I would not be surprised if we see him play the full game even if this gets into blowout territory. You would think the Eagles defense would be used to playing against a running quarterback as they have to practice against Jalen Hurts each week. That’s where Fields has been making the biggest impact lately. He has seven rushing touchdowns in his past six games, but he also has five interceptions so his passing is still not where it needs to be.

I’m playing the over in this game. The Eagles simply shouldn’t have any resistance from the Bears defense. On offense, the Bears should be able to at least put up a few touchdowns on the Eagles. I don’t think there will be high motivation to do anything but win. If Fields turns the ball over it is a different story, but I think he will be able to do enough to get the total over 48.5.

I’ve said this before, but I’m playing Hurts to get the first touchdown in every game. It has proved profitable for me this season, but now I’m adding Miles Sanders as we are seeing him get some action too.

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Written by David Troy

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