No, Chris Jones Was Not Drinking Beer On The Sideline

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Chris Jones had a pitcher perfect Sunday.

A dizzying start against the lowly Houston Texans offense kicked off Week 15 for KCā€™s defense. The red-hot Chiefs were facing a deficit against Houston throughout the first half in a surprise performance primed for the ultimate upset.

Cheers To The Chiefs

Cameras found Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones on the sideline, drinking out of a green glass bottle that Twitter was convinced was a family-size Rolling Rock to drown his first-quarter sorrows.


Turns out it was just a Mountain Valley Spring Water ā€” America’s most-awarded bottled water. Womp womp womp.

Far are the days when players could rip cigs and sneak in a drink on the sidelines; you know, like real men.

For those who have splurged on expensive, invigorating water, the 16-oz green container with red accents ā€” meaning it was still; blue stripes for sparkling ā€” was no strange sight. While the masses wanted to believe that Jones was crushing brews (with some people calling out the NFL for the fake “offense”), the man was simply trying to hydrate himself, having been dealing with an illness all week as relayed by ProFootballDoc.

The NFL has been hawkish with drinking during games: evidenced by their $14,037 “unsportsmanlike conduct” fine imposed on Baltimore Ravens safety Marcus Peters back in 2019 after the player shotgunned a beer with fans in the stands.

The Chiefs defense came back refreshed in the second half: holding on for Patrick Mahomes and the offense to tie the game at 24 and win it in overtime, 30-24, with a walk-off TD run from Jerick McKinnon.

Saturdays are for the boys; Sundays are for the brews. That will always be true.

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