Choke-ovic: Daniil Medvedev Ends Novak’s Grand Slam Hopes With US Open Win

No.-2 ranked Daniil Medvedev defeated No.-1 Novak Djokovic to secure the Men’s Singles Championship at the 2021 US Open. The Russian won three straight sets to close out the tournament at Arthur Ashe on Sunday.

Djokovic sought his fourth tournament win of 2021 after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. A win at the US Open on Sunday would’ve made Djokovic the first player in 52 years to go 4-for-4 in a single season.

Medvedev won the three sets: 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. The new US Open champ earned 20-of-23 service points — including 16 aces. Medvedev consistently forced Djokovic to hit high, despite the Serbian’s attempts to sneak low, cornered scores against the Russian.

The post-match trophy ceremony showed an emotional Djokovic taking in the crowd’s praise and the missed opportunity of making history as the second player ever to earn the coveted Grand Slam title (Rod Laver).

Djokovic’s emotions were also on display during the match. In the second set, he made an error that he just couldn’t seem to shake. He was so rattled by it that the Djoker repeatedly bashed his racket against the court.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This is as bad a take as the progressive who said January 6th was the worst thing to happen to the United States during her lifetime. She was an adult on 9/11.

    To say he “choked” when he’s won three Slam events THIS YEAR is buffoonish to say the least.

  2. Pretty lazy take. Djokovic looked out of gas. No doubt some of that was due to the grand slam pursuit. Look at Djokovic’s prior matches to reach the final. Five sets in semis versus the number four Zverev. Four sets in quarters versus the number six Berrettini. Four sets in the fourth round against a pretty good 20 year old Brooksby. And his reward for winning those matches? The number two Medvedev, who is a very good player – one who’s been knocking at the slam door for a few years. Djokovic’s last four opponents are all 25 and younger. This is the future road to a slam final for the 35 old Nadal and the 34 year old Djokovic. This looked more like a changing of the guard than a choke.

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