Niners Rookie Drake Jackson Bit By Infamous ‘Rookie Dinner’ After Getting Stuck With $332K Bill

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“Welcome to the NFL, rook.” – Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri

NFL rookies shoulder massive expectations coming into the pros.

For some, part of the responsibility in earning one’s stripes is taking on the infamous “rookie dinner,” a costly all-team dinner whose bill is paid-in-full by one unlucky rookie as a rite of passage.

With bills ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to nearly half a million, these over-the-top orders are designed to put the fear of God in the freshman class. Or at least teach them the value of spending wisely as they deposit big-league checks.

Over the weekend, it was San Francisco 49ers rookie Drake Jackson’s turn to foot the dinner bill, which shot up to a whopping $332K.

The defensive end out of USC showed off the $322,391.05 receipt on his social media, which teammates couldn’t believe as they passed it around the table.

A few of the most outrageous items included:

  • $375.00 for three jumbo lobsters
  • $500.00 for two Tomahawk steaks
  • $156.00 worth of Chilean Sea Bass
  • $480.00 in Kobe beef
  • $6.50 for a SINGLE cappuccino
@thefreak (IG)
@thefreak (IG)

Best of all, the team vets are kind with their tipping, chipping in several stacks on most occasions. In this case, it was a cool $200K.

Earlier this year, Kansas City Chiefs rookie wideout Skyy Moore posted a photo of his rookie dinner receipt — with more value than Jackson’s at just $22,000. (Talk about inflation.)

New York Jets’ Garrett Wilson was stupefied when he first discovered the infamous hazing technique. During an interview on The Pivot, Wilson was informed about the rookie tradition by a trio of NFL retirees and cameras caught Garrett’s jaw drop after realizing that he was due for a dreaded dinner.

Luckily, Moore and other rookies left aghast by these hefty bills tend to get bailed out by the team, hoping that the light-hearted hazing delivered a proper lesson.


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