Niners’ Deebo Samuel, Mike McGlinchey Humiliate Rams Defense, Throw Shade At Jalen Ramsey

Who’s afraid of the big, bad Rams?

Certainly not Deebo “The Highlight Reel” Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers.

After eviscerating the Rams’ defense with a 57-yard touchdown, right up the middle of the field, and helping the Niners reach seven consecutive regular-season wins against LA, Samuel was feeling good.

It was a sweet win, and a bitter loss for LA. Samuel was glad to bask in it all.


After the game, Samuel shared that he doesn’t even read Rams defenders before ripping off a big play.

“I don’t even look in their eyes anymore,” Samuel said. “I just go out there and line up, and you can just see them like, ‘Oh here comes Deebo.'”

Deebo’s comments weren’t the best troll job that the Niners pulled off Monday night.

Mike McGlinchey Gets In On The Fun

SF lineman Mike McGlinchey kicked Rams CB Jalen Ramsey while he was down, following Samuel’s incredible 57-yard TD. McGlinchey walked up to Ramsey and pointed at Samuel in the end zone, prompting Ramsey to shove the brolic lineman. (Just a shove, Jalen?)

Samuel also jumped on Ramsey for the tackle attempt.

“Yeah, I don’t know what he was doing out there,” Samuel said on the postgame podium. “I just went right by him. He was just backpedaling, I was like, ‘What’s going on?'”

SF’s looking like they’ve got the momentum this year in the competitive NFC West.

Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers defeated the Rams, 24-9. The two will meet on Oct. 30 for another primetime matchup.

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