Nicole Auerbach Launches ‘Kentucky Karma Controversy’

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Following losses by the Kentucky and Louisville football teams, The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach posted then deleted a cryptic tweet reading “karma came [quickly] for Kentucky.”

Most of Twitter immediately assumed Auerbach was referring to the indictments in the case of Breonna Taylor, where one officer was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment. The ruling led to city-wide riots, media outrage, and the shooting of two police officers.

Outkick has reached out to The Athletic for comment. 

To be clear, we here at Outkick don’t believe Auerbach should be disciplined or forced to apologize for tweeting this bit of lunacy. Auerbach seems to have figured out what she tweeted was stupid. Good for her. 

But what would be the consequence had she tweeted something that could be interpreted as support for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the grand jury? Cameron and the grand jury appropriately ruled it would be virtually impossible to convict police officers of murder given the fact that Taylor’s boyfriend sparked the violent confrontation by shooting a cop with a lawful search warrant. 

In that scenario, Auerbach would be forced into an apology amid public backlash. We’ll let you know if we ever hear from The Athletic. 


Written by Bobby Burack

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    • Because she would had created a toxic work environment…even a virtual toxic environment.
      WWJs (woke wackjobs) used to tweet “karma” about tornadoes and hurricanes in RED states…
      but the little birdies are silent about the CALI and OR wildfires (many started by WWJs)…
      and the WWJs can’t tweet about the Earth opening up new oceanfront property on “The Best Coast”.

    • She was connecting the loss by UK, a historically mediocre football program playing on the road against a Top-10 SEC Powerhouse as karmic retribution for the Taylor decision, even though the University had zero to do with it and the entire team and coaching staff marched in BLM shirts after the Floyd killing. It was such an odious and nonsensical reach that I guess even she thought better of it.

      Our sports media keeps reaching new lows with zero retribution outside of being “ratioed.”

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