Nicolas Cage Will Star In ‘Lord Of War’ Sequel Nearly Two Decades After The Original

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Nicolas Cage is officially back to winning, and that includes returning to the big screen for a new “Lord of War” film.

The 2005 film about arms dealer Yuri Orlov was one of the most underrated movies of the mid-2000s. It was loosely inspired by former Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was infamously traded for Brittney Griner in a prisoner swap.

The film saw Orlov (Cage) navigate the shady, dark and politically complicated world of arms dealing. Now, he will start shooting a sequel in the fall, according to Variety.

The plot of the incredibly unexpected sequel will focus on Orlov and his son, who is played by Bill Skarsgård, trying to stop his arms dealing.

“This triggers an intergenerational bitter rivalry, one that pits father and son against each other,” Variety wrote.

Nicolas Cage is back to making major films.

Cage seemed down and out for several years. There was a lengthy streak where he made films most people never heard about simply because he needed the money.

He’s not shy about it. The famous actor recently covered it all in a “60 Minutes” interview.

However, Cage is clearly swinging up in a huge way. In just the past couple years, he’s starred in “Renfield,” “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” and the critically acclaimed “Pig.” There’s also been talks of a third “National Treasure” movie being on the way. Now, it’s been announced he’s returning as the most dangerous arms dealer in the world.

Nicolas Cage will star in a new “Lord of War” film. (Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images)

This might be a bit of a spoiler of a prediction, but given how the first film ended and the fact Viktor Bout was released in real life, don’t expect Cage’s Orlov to end up in prison at the end of the new “Lord of War” movie.

The reality is a lot of governments want these guys out and working. That’s a major theme in the first film.

It should be a ton of fun to see what we get whenever the new movie drops. It will definitely be worth watching if it’s even half as good as the original.

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