Nicky Ecker Shows Off Her Freediving Skills, Paulina Gretzky On Bag Duty & Tiger Asks His Caddie The Big Question This Week

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Happy 1st day of spring to those who celebrate

I know the weather nerds like to say the first day of spring was a couple of weeks ago, but the real first day of spring is actually today when the first balls are launched into the air and the birds are chirping at Augusta National.

By now you guys know I love those birds. I don’t care if they’re real or fake, I love them chirping away on an otherwise silent course as Tiger is contemplating a shot. And I love the piano. I love the app. I love Scott Van Pelt’s late-night recaps. I even love Brandel Chamblee rambling on for 20 minutes where he quotes some obscure author to make a point about Rory or Spieth.

To those who celebrate, enjoy the day. Enjoy the weekend. Yes, it’s going to be wet. Yes it’s going to be difficult for Tiger to walk those ski slopes.

Let’s all sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Spring is officially here and summer isn’t far behind.

• One of our Augusta insiders, not the one who is working a Masters beer-pouring job, sent in these beautiful photos.

Submitted by Anonymous #2, not the guy working the beer stand.
Submitted by Anonymous #2, not the guy working the beer stand.

• How great is The Masters? They even know how to ship the Taste of the Masters gift packages so it arrives for the first round of the tournament.

Can’t wait to open the box.

The Bud Light/Anheuser-Busch boycott debate

• Nick H. in Caledonia, OH writes:

As a loyal Screencaps follower and TNML member entering my sophomore season. I wanted to put my 2 cents worth into the whole Bud Light woke b.s.

Debate that is going on.

Having worked for nearly 20 years at a local A-B distributor i have a little bit of insight into how the beer business works.  I started loading trucks in the warehouse,  went on to be a delivery driver.  Then from there, team leader to management.  I left to pursue my true passion in the agriculture world. Now selling farm equipment. 

The A-B brewery when I sold their products.  Were divided into brand teams for marketing purposes.  The Bud brand team does their thing. Busch does theirs etc.. This is not apology for what the Bud light brand has done. Far from it. I personally will never buy another Bud Light. However,  being in the Ag field i have been impressed with what the Busch light brand has done in the last few years. Supporting farm families with their different corn and tractor label cans. Their support for hunting and fishing and those of us that enjoy the outdoors. 

The Budweiser brand has always been there supporting military members and their families. 

Again,  this is not an email to excuse what Bud Light has done.  This is simply my explanation of why I will continue to buy Busch light and Natural light.  I don’t have a dog in the fight financially anymore.  But I still have friends busting their butt every day to stock the stores so I can have a cold one Thursday nights as I look out over a perfectly stripped yard.  I have talked with many of my old work friends.  Trust me, they hate what bud light has done as much as we do. Oh, and after 30 years of drinking A-B products.  The thought of switching is horrible.  I hate Miller lite.

Thanks for your time and platform for a place where the average guy can express an opinion. 

• Caleb E. from PA who once intimidated me with his Linkedin resume, writes:

As far as the recent Bud Light nonsense is concerned, I would highly recommend Yuengling. It’s family-owned, delicious, and I’m pretty sure liberals wanted to boycott it at some point because the owner supported Trump.

• Roger S. writes on beer:

This is an actual beer that I came across some years back in Germany. It is named after a town in Austria that, until recently, really was named F–king. They sold merchandise as of a few years ago. If you think that it’s newsworthy, feel free to share. Thanks as always for the laughs.


Again, I have to be careful including f-bombs, even if it’s the name of a German beer, in type on posts because Google gets all pissed off at OutKick.

• Shawn M. in Canby, OR writes:

I have to agree with you, Joe. There’s no need for an official A-B ban.

Screencappers are entirely self-policing. Besides, I still have a few Busch Lights left and I ain’t throwing them out.

I’ve always been more of a Miller Lite guy but from here on out my motto is:

“It can’t be a Busch, if it’s got a pair of balls.”

• Jay B. from the Space Coast of Florida writes:

Hi Joe, daily SC reader here. I have been a happy hour Mich Ultra drinker for a while now (Bud Light only when they are out) but at home switched to Miller Lite a couple months ago because Costco had the cases of the 16oz less filling tastes great liquid at a good price.

I like the aluminum screw top bottles! Anyway, off to Chili’s last night with the Missus (all day 2 for 1 drafts!) and the bartender starts to pour me my Ultra by default…”Nope” I said and asked for M Lite. And wouldn’t you know it they were out of it! Only thing on tap that had run out. Now, might be a supply/delivery issue but I would like the think that the troops are out here drinking up the competition and walking away from A-B! Anyway, it was a Blue Moon night for me…

Pittsburgh Dad tackles the state of youth sports

• Tom H. in Fort Wayne sent in this one:

Which one of you has put in a sport court in your yard and can help Tyler?

• Tyler R. in Latrobe, PA writes:

The wife and I have been debating putting in a hoop in our backyard. We have a hoop in our driveway but it is slanted and they are outgrowing the space we have for it already. We initially talked about putting in a cement pad with a hoop that could also be used by the little kids for a place to ride bikes, rollerblade, ect… 

As we have gone down this rabbit hole, we started looking at Sport Courts. While it is more expensive than simply leveling and pouring a pad part of me thinks it would be awesome to have an all-weather space (with lights) for some games of basketball as well as pickleball, badminton, and volleyball as well. They come in and do everything including the leveling, pouring, and the electrical. 

Does anyone in this amazing community have experience with Sport Courts? Are they worth it or a waste of money? Should I just go the cheaper route and pour the cement pad?

Happy wife, happy life during the TNML era

• Bob B. in Hull, IA

If you have any left, I’d like a sticker for my lawn-mowing GILF that I married 47 years ago.  Getting her a new replacement John Deere 140 for her half of the yard.  She won’t get on our zero-turn.  Also would like to get a t-shirt for her. 


Guys, if you’re buying a TNML shirt for your wife, start with the original TNML. It’ll be the most comfortable t-shirt in her drawer. I once had a retired NFL wide receiver beg me for more tri-blend t-shirts because it was the only shirt his wife would wear to bed.

Trust me, these shirts are comfortable.

• Charles F. writes:

How are you going to start the league?  A “Gentleman Start Your Engines!” type of start?

Alas, we fired up the Green Beast yesterday (777 Zero Turn John Deere) and one of the belts broke.  We may not make Opening Day


I’m hoping to have a special guest to serve as the official starter for 2023. I have two weeks to pull this off. Let’s see if I can do it.

• Doug in Omaha writes:

Boys at work were talking about going out to the local grass store (Grass Pad) and buying into a 5 bag system for the summer. So I brought up TNML with them and we are off and running. One of them brought up this Polo shirt that he wants to buy; I know this isn’t from Outkick and I can’t remember if it has been shared on here before but I thought I should send it out to the masses. I can’t wait to get out and lay some stripes with the rest of this amazing league.

Also quick question from the guys at work; about how many people do you estimate are part of the mowing league now?


  1. Someone sent me the Fore Fathers polo. I cannot for the life of me figure out which one of you sent me that polo, but it’s in my closet ready for the golf season.
  2. We now have 2,700 Twitter followers, easily a few thousand emailers (I’m blown away by how many new emailers will pop up all of a sudden out of nowhere) and a couple hundred more over on Facebook. We’re probably talking 5,000 TNML members at this point. It could be 10,000 with how many lurkers there seem to be out there.
  3. For example, today, I could tell people I’m about out of TNML stickers and if they want one, they better send an email TODAY and there would be a couple hundred new emailers. Last night, I filled somewhere around 100 envelopes for people who emailed at the end of March. There are still a few hundred more envelopes to fill before end of day Friday so everyone who wants a sticker, gets one before opening day.


PIB 2-Club Invitational Veteran Mick is back and he will have new turf this season

• Mick C. writes:

So Nancy and I save 25 years to buy a shore house, buy in Avalon NJ in 2013, right after Sandy scares people off the Noreast coast at the right time. We soon realize Avalon is snooty, too snooty for us. Nancy has a big I-Talian Fam and we decide to sell (3 years ago), perfect market, we hit BANK and buy WAY over our heads (8 bedrooms, 7 baths, 6000 SQ FT), in blue-collar Barnegat NJ. Bay Side, 200 yards off Barnegat Bay, directly across from The Barnegat Lighthouse. Fact check, the opening of Barnegat Bay to the Atlantic Ocean is in the Top 3 most dangerous…In The World…so I’m told, so I don’t go to the Inlet or to the ocean. I boat for fun, not to fish or get slammed into rocks.

We change just about everything on the house, outside first, because Spring was on the way. Accordingly, prep it for parties, right? We have two awesome summers and then decide to change the outside, which is all stone, it’s a thing at the shore, Stone NOT grass, maintenance-free to boat, play, drink, eat.

We decide to remove the rock and go mostly pavers… and then it hits me, a 25×25 grass area so I can make the shore house an official TNML member. Of course, I told Nancy it was for our two dogs, Australian Shepherd & Corgi to do their business, for easier clean up. Poop on rocks is a mess! Keep in mind, NO ONE puts grass in at a shore joint (at least not in Barnegat NJ). Found out another reason no one has grass, Canadian Geese LOVE grass! An Average Canadian Goose will forage, consume and take what amounts to a cylindrical grass dump…every 7 minutes and they travel in gaggles!

Needless to say I’m a witness and can conclusively prove the forage, consume, Vegan cylindrical dump as fact! I am now searching the net for anti-geese deterrents. I am sure the end result will be my paintball gun. Apparently, Geese will only feed in areas they are not harassed, so here’s to a Spring/Summer of harassing Canada’s most horrible import to the USA.

Why all this info? Because I will soon be mowing (electric), creating lines, getting green-stained sneakers, displaying my favorite beverage after the cut and sending them to you!

Yes, I am nutso! This THING of OURS (TNML) IS EPIC SHIT! I’m ALL IN! Geese be damned. The way I see it, one can not own TNML Stickers and NOT mow the lawn on Thursday nights, so as to free up Friday, Saturday & Sunday to do AMERICAN STUFF!

Pics to follow. Just wanted you to get a taste of the influence you are having. I ask myself, many times, why did you put in the grass you A**hole? Because I wanted to be part of something BIGGER than myself…Like The J-Kinz Thursday Night Mowing League, now a GLOBAL phenomenon.

F-ing with the AI text bots

• Mike N. in Cedar Park, TX writes:

Is it bad for humanity that the most thoughtful responses I received all week came from a bot?

It’s impossible to give 110% … or is it?

• Brent P. in Carmel, IN has been reading every word of Screencaps and saw 110%:

For Christ’s sake Joe! 110% again? You know it is physically impossible to give 110%, so let’s all go out there and attempt to give 100%.

I absolutely love the daily commentary from the Masters by anonymous. It is inspiring to do something like that. I am sure there are a lot of big events that utilize volunteers behind the scenes.

If you remember, I was the guy who posed the question about allowing my 18 year old drink an occasional beer with me. He was all in, when I told him that I was switching his Bud Light out with what I usually drink, which is Miller High Life. They don’t call it the champagne of beers for nothing!

I love that Millennial JT in Ohio is trying his own plumbing work. My father always told me to try things myself. He said when you add your time value into a project it may not be cheaper than hiring a professional, but the satisfaction of completing the task is second to none. And if you get stuck, you can always hire it out after you gave it the ole college try. I once spent an entire day on a plumbing project that I am sure an actual plumber could do in an hour. The Miller High life tasted so much better that day.

TNML starts tomorrow for me here in Indy. If I waited for opening day I would need a bailer.

That’s it for this morning.

REMINDER: TNML hasn’t started yet. Opening Day is 4/20. Those of you worried about mowing on Wednesday need to remember this is the PRESEASON. This is your chance to get the yard in order so you’re ready to go on 4/20!

Go have an incredible day. Fire up the Masters app and enjoy life.


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