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One scrimmage in the books and there are definitely things we need to work on

I had multiple people asking me about the house ball 10U team’s debut on Saturday and let’s just say it was a learning experience for all involved.

  1. I learned quickly that the one boy who’s double dipping with travel ball and house ball doesn’t need to get loose upon arriving at the field because “he’s already been throwing today,” according to his father who met me at the fence to make sure I understood how things were going to go.
  2. I also learned from this boy that he doesn’t need a pep talk from his coach when the other team brings in a fairly hard-throwing pitcher because he’s faced tough pitching before.
  3. I learned that the same boy isn’t going to listen to me as a base coach.
  4. I learned that there are other boys who think they’re picking the positions they want to play.
  5. I learned it’s going to be interesting getting kids playing time if all 13 boys show up for games.
  6. It’s also clear that my patience will be tested by a few including the one who told me he was just too cold to play. I calmly replied, “Look at me, you’re not cold.” He kept playing.
  7. It’s also clear we’re going to need a ton of defensive practice up the middle. Travel ball kid shouldn’t be making errors at shortstop if he shows up to the park already warmed up, according to his dad. He should be a Hoover vac at the position. Second base needs to be way better, too.
  8. We need to hit better.
  9. We need to pitch better. Travel ball kid should be able to throw strikes.
  10. Our catchers are absolute warriors. Our 10-year-old catcher put on a clinic. He spent two innings taking baseballs off every part of his body. He was diving three feet off the right side of the plate to make stops. As a former catcher, I was jacked up by his performance and the effort out of our 9-year-old catcher. I’m telling you guys, we have ourselves a legitimate position battle because both kids aren’t giving an inch.
  11. I have one kid that needs to shorten his swing. Trust me, I want to see him connect with that long sweeping stroke, but I also want him to have success at the plate because he’s a gamer.
  12. I need to get better. If a kid pops up one in front of the plate and I’m yelling “Go!” to the hitter, I have to remember our runner is on third and I need to hold him up. He ran and the catcher grabbed the ball and tagged him out. Big coaching error.
  13. My son better stop lunging at pitches or he’s going to lead the league in strikeouts.
  14. Daddy ball report: My son started in left-center and played 2B for an inning before I sat him for an inning so the younger kids could play. I’m very proud of his defense. He’s been very consistent in the field. Batting…not so much.
  15. I learned it’s brutal calling balls and strikes on your own team during a scrimmage, trying to keep track of the pitch count, and making sure you’re correcting mistakes being made.
  16. Looking at the schedule, we’re going to need six pitchers — at a minimum — to get through certain weeks of the season. At this point, I think we have four that can get the job done.
  17. I can report no college scholarships were handed out Saturday.
  18. I can also report all of the boys were jacked up by the end of a long day at the park and they were happy. That’s a win.
  19. I brought the post-game Gatorade. They seemed to enjoy that.

I wasn’t naive coming into this coaching project. You guys prepared me for Travel Ball Dads coaching from the stands and kids that keep looking in the stands. You guys told me it wouldn’t be easy and it’s not at all when 3-4 of the kids don’t show up for practice, but they’re at games. You guys made it clear just how hard it is.

This is the challenge I needed right now in life. I’m locked into the schedule. I’m locked into brainstorming lineup combinations. The pregame jitters are back. I’m fully committed to maintaining my patience with the parents. Trust me, that’s a battle in my brain.

Let’s see how I am 30 days from now.

We get back at it tomorrow night.

• Travel ball hardo Chris B. in Houston writes:

If you don’t have team score keeper, consider trying to get a couple parents to take that on.  And have them do it on GameChanger or iScore. 

It’s kinda nerdy for sure, and may be beyond what you wanna do on your ‘house ball’ team, but having that data is fun.  I know I know, us travel ball folks are hardos, but I always drafted my neighbor’s kid back in our rec ball days and my neighbor enjoyed scoring. 

I did use it a little bit to make my line up, more for the middle-of-the-pack kids cuz you already know who the top ones are.  But my son loved the data as much as or more than I did. 


It was a scrimmage. No score was kept. No umps. We were there to correct mistakes so they don’t happen during the regular season. It was for teaching, not to see which team can be the Detroit Lions of the preseason (they went 4-0 a couple years ago and then won like 1 game all season).

“59 minute baseball practice that’s the ‘Bible of Youth Baseball Practices'”

• Dana B. writes:

Definitely one of the best videos for keeping kids moving, learning, and having fun.


Yes, this is the ideal baseball practice and I’ve watched this, but this is also in the middle of the summer and the kids have been practicing for two months. I have kids that have never faced a live pitcher in their lives. We’re keeping them busy and making things fun, but the 59-minute practice is more like watching a Little League all-star team practicing for a district title game.

The Bay is open for business

• Harvey D. had himself a weekend:

Reporting from the Key West of the North, Put-In-Bay Ohio! 

On a typical Northern Ohio Spring day, Sunday April 23 2023 to be exact. A brisk Northwest breeze whisks across the inland sea to give us a 49° welcome to the Season! 

The masses assemble in a small, innocent-looking establishment, imbibing in their favorite libations, listening to the Ray Fogg Show(live entertainment) to celebrate the flow of electrons thru a noble gas to ignite what is known locally as “The Whiskey Light”.

The innocent-looking bar is also known as The Round House, which by some unknown reason also celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. The “Whiskey Light” is only on its 25th anniversary, I really don’t think anybody gave a crap, still a good reason to catch a buzz. 

The downtown business district was a hive of activity in eager anticipation of the crimson glow from the window of the Round House to be a beacon of debauchery and bad decisions for the 2023 island season.

Mrs. D. and I embarked upon the Miller Ferry vessel Put In Bay at 0930 local time with 8 cars and 20 passengers aboard, 30 minutes later we made the Lime Kiln Dock without any issues to begin our assault on the Island for the day. 

Up the hill and to the right to gain our transport for the day, we began the trek to town. Past Put In Bay International Airport, and into the belly of the soon to be awakened Tourist Beast!! The new change this year is the road(Delaware Ave.) Infront of the bars is now one way. It’s like a Nascar race to get around, left,left,left,left,pit and get a beer!  This time of year is a bit odd, since our Great Lake has more delicious Walleye than anywhere else, trucks and trailers from as far away as Nebraska Wyoming and Utah? Are here parked on the streets and boating out of the public ramp. Not hating at all, I couldn’t catch a walleye if it had handles, but I can catch a buzz, all good. Back to the damn story!

Frosty’s pizza for a good base to start! After a few pregame cocktails to get it moving and off  to the Round House we went. Doors opened at 12 noon and it was packed by 1!!  We got there around 115 and it was SRO!!!  Ray Fogg is a throwback to the 80s/90s PIB entertainment, a good show! Around 4 the wait staff started passing around champagne to everyone in attendance, and at approximately 420 the voltage hit the gas in the tube and the Lamp was lit on another season of fun in the sun(your experience may vary) on the North Coast!!!! 

Oh, we almost got to see a couple of dudes get tazed by Ottawa Counties Finest on the Mary Ann Market on the return trip!! Everyone inside the enclosed upper deck was chanting Taze him!! Taze him!! They were buddies wrestling on the outside deck and just messing around, but it is nice to know the County Mounties don’t really want to play around. It’s too damn early in the season for the dumb shit! 


What a Sunday for Harvey D. Meanwhile, I was cleaning up our laundry room/mudroom that was a mess, and buying dirt and peat moss to fix dead spots in the yard. Congrats to all of you who were able to get out and crush drinks at the Key West of the Great Lakes. Of course, I’m jealous, but I’m also happy the mud room is no longer a complete disaster.


• Josh N. writes:

Ran across a collection of sports memorabilia for sale. Seems the seller had a Kinsey-like appreciation for The Intimidator! The Starting Lineup set looks like it belongs in the Screencaps HQ (“Hang it in the Louvre!”). Be happy to send it your way, if you’d like. Think of it as a token of appreciation for what you’ve built with the Screencaps community.


While I appreciate Josh’s offer, please DO NOT send me antique mall finds. Guys, I’m in liquidation mode. I need to get rid of all sorts of stuff brands have been sending me for years. Who needs a Natty Light Ice (or something like that) golf visor? I don’t. I was sitting here last night thinking of how I need to just take all of this stuff and throw it into a bargain bin for the community garage sale.

Yes, I have a State Farm jersey that I still need to send to Wyn in Colorado. Save the email. I promise, you’ll get it. I won’t sell that jersey at a garage sale.

Yuengling sales have to be up just based on TNML

• Andrew writes:

First mow in Saint John, IN.

Yuengling after laying down stripes…did I just write their new marketing campaign?

Anyway – I now have the best-looking lawn on the block, patio furniture out, and garage organized.

Eat that neighbors!

Once again, I have news for the Washington Post

Leave us alone.

• Pat writes:

When the field mice and rats show up will they start to mow?  

Stop the toilet clogging issue

I can’t remember who asked for help, but here you go.

• David B. writes:

put a little dishwater detergent in before poop time.

It will lubricate it. 

And with that, I have no choice but to get the day rolling.

It’s already the final week of April and I’m about to go into summer mode once the weather decicdes to get back over 65.

Have a great week. Finish out the month strong. Clean those mud rooms.


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